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 Pornstories on a subject mother son

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[i] I will take Stories from the Internet. I created a subject to fill itself needs the number of messages for access to images at a forum. [/i]

[b] Visit of the son [/b]

In last revival since morning I was engaged in washing. Houses I naked go, warmly and I love that the body breathed.

I stand in the bathroom, the washing machine works, I bent over the bathroom I wash underwear in a basin. Suddenly I grab hips and moving apart vulvar lips, enters a vagina a

Having scaredly turned back I saw the son. The dick moved in me. You that? Mummy, you such beautiful, I love your bottom, your boobs, such close

My body answered, the bottom moved, being stuck on a dick is deeper. I panted, groaned, the pleasure covered me. Having screamed I terminated, is weakened having hung on the dick. Several pushes and the son I splashed out in me the sea of a

Remove a basin, the son removed, I got into a bathtub. Having included a shower, the sonny began to wash me. I caressed boobies, a stomach bottom, a perineum, having even moved apart sponges, I washed and vagalishche. It was pleasant to me.

Went to the room. Mother don't dress a dressing gown, I want to admire you. Nevertheless I dressed. I got on a table to eat, I put vodka. Drank on a glass. I ask, such beautiful wife, her cunts isn't enough? Mother, I fucked many, but you the best, I will always want you.

We sit, we eat. The sonny, чтото is rumpled, wants to tell, but restrains.

Say that you are rumpled.

Mothers, your help is necessary. The son was transferred from the Far East recently, served in military college now. We have a major, my immediate superior. Could make so that he raped you. I need impact on him.

I was struck dumb. When that I helped out the son, having given him to the schoolmate. What very much it is necessary?

It is necessary. We will come in about three hours, I will depart, then I will find you.

Can sell me you will soon? And that,

Mother, don't tell nonsense, just it will be easier to serve.


Well, for thirty, about 35. Mothers, I when will find you I will shout, I will call you. Don't turn

All right, bring. The sonny left.

Dostirala. It is necessary to prepare, I made chicken, salads. There was about an hour. It was washed, I made an enema, I inserted a pro-barrel into buttocks. I dressed, naturally, on a naked body a favourite dressing gown. Short, without buttons with a corbel. On the head tail. Naturally,

The call, and a key is. I open, I rejoice, the sonny came. Mother get acquainted, Vadim, my chief. That was embarrassed, we not on service. Let me set the table.

They sat down, Vadim on a chair, opposite to a table, the sonny on a chair, turned on the TV, I ran before them laid a table. Putting plates I bent, the dressing gown was lifted up. Vadim precisely saw my naked buttocks and a

Taking out glasses, I noticed how his trousers were blown up. I got up, I understood. At a table, I ordered, they sat down. Having bent down over a table, having shown to Vadim's look and a breast with a nipple, I imposed him salad. I brought vodka half-bottles, after morning remained.

You sit down with us, I sat down, legs opened almost to a pubis. Drank, vodka came to an end. The sonny speaks, I run now. I escaped.

I sat down in a chair, I watch TV, I ask about service. Vadim opposite at a table. Do you smoke? Now I will bring an ashtray. I get up, accidentally the corbel is untied, the dressing gown swings open. Before Vadim's eyes I naked, he considered my boobies a pubis. I screamed, oh sorry, but am not wrapped up, became puzzled

What you beautiful, approaches, breaks a dressing gown, embraces for a waist and puts on a carpet. I lie with the spread legs, I watch the fearful glance as it throws off clothes. It is necessary, please, I want,

The dick at him not that stood, smoked.

Having bent in leg knees, I began to enter me, the cunt already waited for him. I began to fuck me. I embraced him for shoulders, nestled closer on his dick. Just about I will terminate. Here he takes out a dick, probably having noticed a butt plug. Bends over me, and having taken out a stopper enters buttocks. Holding by hips strongly hollows a

Suddenly the door opens, the son with a package comes. Having seen that fuck his mother, I shouted you that you create. Vadim without taking out a dick:she tempted.

Whore, my mother whore, little bitch. I will fuck you.

Right there I undressed to a goal, and so far Vadim fucked me in an ass, kneelt and the dick to me inserted into a mouth. What to do, I began to suck. Sweet, native.

Here having got nervous, Vadim, I terminated too. They traded places, the son fuck me in a vagina, I sucked a dick, all in a cum, Vadim. The dick rose again. I became thick and elastic again. I terminated, Vadim already fucked my mouth, reaching a throat. The sonny terminated to me on a back, Vadim a little later terminated in a mouth, I swallowed a cum. They got up, I exhausted lay. They were washed, I a

Mother, give snack. They naked and sat. I wanted to throw a dressing gown, didn't give. Whores have to naked go.

Got vodka from a package, bear.

Here call to a door. Go open, so go. Why the sonny so humiliates me? Is jealous, perhaps?

I open a door, the guy inspecting my naked body, I whispered, check of counters. Come later, and I slammed a

I went for food. I brought cheese, sausage. At them I cut. Eyes from me weren't lowered, inspecting a body. Vadim dipped a hand between legs, I moved apart them. He caressed a clitoris, started fingers in a cunt. I will be cut.

Without having sustained he left me on a floor on a carpet. I was kneeling, the son already inserted a dick into a mouth. I didn't suck, he fuck me, I only squeezed lips that was narrower. Vadim fucked my cunt. Then they exchanged again, the son fucked me in buttocks, Vadim in a mouth. Cums I gorged on. In general, when it is horney, not too bad at all on taste, the main thing it is nourishing.

Having finished, they still drank, at parting the sonny kissed me, and Vadim frayed for a

Didn't manage to leave a call again. To me all the same was I opened. Again electrician. Naked I receded, come. Do you want me?

I undressed quickly, I helped. I laid down on a back, knees ached a bit. I parted legs, he rushed on me with scope having flown the dick in a cunt as didn't miss.

I fucked not for long, but I managed to terminate, squeezed legs his back, nestled densely on his pubis. Also it cumed, the stream of a cum struck in a uterus, perfectly.

Happy, collapsed on a carpet. Thanks the guy, is free. And the counter, or I still will come? Copy now. He still admired my body, razvinuty legs, and the fact that between them.

The sonny told then that they are friends now that mother cool, still I would like to meet.
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[b] my mother and brother [/b]

I asked mother if the father fucked me, you knew? And the brother fucked you? That the father had me knows, on family council they decided it, and she accustomed the brother to life. I will write from her

We slept often separately, the husband with the daughter, I with the son. Usually I sleep on one side, the sonny will nestle on my bottom, heat, comfortably, sleeps. I sleep in a night dress, naturally, without

Somehow I noticed, the sonny does progress, his pussy on my perineum. Begins to twitch, cums. I checked a palm, there is no cum. After a while there was also a cum! I grew up, I matured. And I slept without pants. Yes all family went naked, without ceremony. In one bath washed, all saw that each other. I looked narrowly както in a ban, and the sonny has already less father's. Talked to the father. Give him, now will begin a cunt to seek elsewhere, and marry, and even will infect.

The next night I laid down bent that the buttocks were curved. The sonny wanted to terminate on a habit moving on a perineum, and it, to tell the truth hairy was. I substituted him a cunt. Lying also sideways, his dick took (I stood), and inserted where it is necessary. He several times rocked and terminated. I turned, kissed him, everything is good, you will want more, please. After that he fuck me daily, young,

Happened also superfluous. Somehow I fucked me at the dacha though neighbors could see. In a kitchen garden, I will only bend down to weed as from me pulls together panties. Of course, I cumed too, and more than once.

But at school without remarks. These peep at girls, those undressed the schoolmate, in time found.

Was enough for the sonny of mother.

While the husband fucked the daughter Nika, I gave to the

Once us was found. The son was in sports center, I came to visit, gave goodies. The son speaks, mothers, I want you, I don't mind too was, nevertheless the young dick, though the son. Went to a nearby grove, I leaned against a tree, having set aside buttocks, the dick of the son entered me. He fucked my cunt when the teacher appeared. I observed some time, then I left. I with the naked back, the sonny with the standing dick, a picture

I will tell nothing, and (with the son) then we will talk to you, He fuck her until the end of

I give him still while asks. Good dick. I want him still.

Time fucked me directly on the beach, in water. Were beyond Volga all family. While lay, continually I climbed to me in panties. I am not iron, I dragged off him in water and gave him. In water unforgettable sex. Pants not to lose the main thing, and that will departure.

The incest-is impossible, is nonsense, sex highest manifestation of love so you fuck all someone you love, you give them the love.
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Look for the story "Hot mother".

You shouldn't spread probably, it is long.

But interesting.
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The people, there is still an offer. But only you have to be the most honest and not exaggerate. It is possible to publish here not only a porn stories, but also your personal observations for mothers, aunts, sisters or mothers-in-law. Will esteem very interestingly, different situations when saw them naked either spied or can even there were moments of rapprochement of type in a ban on the drunk head. I here for example did massage to mother several times and she was absolutely naked. But only her I massed a back and a bottom. Still there was a case when she a crustacean stood on a sofa in an undershirt, but with a naked vagina. And I at this moment was on a terassa. It was already dark, I there on business hung out and wanted to come already into the house and here it. she to herself a back operated thus - exercise of type to be curved as a cat. Also I didn't know that I on the street from their room... I stiffened from what was seen. She almost to me was completely turned by an ass... And so even revealed will be her baring the dense and shaved vagina.... I was in shorts, there was a summer and at me got up completely.... I wanted to jerk off on it, but the father with the acquaintance were not so far, round the corner at home. Well after that I am even stronger than the beginnings to spy on her. Frequent in the summer in a short house night dress, in a kitchen garden bends so an ass and a vagina it is visible from a window. Shorter a high. And naked goes often. It is a pity that I don't live with them now
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And where continuation?)
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Give a photo
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Good history!
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It is thought well up)
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History offset
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It happened last year. Summer. There was a heat. Were in the village, at the dacha again, but already new, there were many people. All ate shish kebabs and thumped, I remember one man everything made advances to mother, I already understood on what he jams, we have two houses big, plus a guest verandah, small, pass a lodge such, there only a bed, a sofa and a chair. Mother as the hospitable hostess, spread out all in the house, and itself went to guest to sleep, to me laid in her bedroom what I would look behind the house for, I understood that the man soon after a feast will go to her, and decided to accustom to drinking him, added to him, told toasts, though constraining, but I an ass felt that he will fuck her, let mother and laughed sometimes from his jokes, but on all his touches reacted unambiguously refusal, or he would use her, or raped, I it knew, mother at me basic, but so she never got drunk. And so, I gave to drink him so that he under hands was led to the house, he and words couldn't tell, and here when all went to sleep, and called me, I told that I will go I will check as mother there. Also I went to her, to tell honestly and it was frightening in the company of drunk not adequate people. I thought I will lay down on a sofa, in one room with it. I entered to it a lodge скрепя a door which was practically near a bed, mother slept like a log quietly snuffling, she slept on a stomach, on her there were approximately the same clothes as on the photos fitting jeans shorts in an oblipka and a usual black T-shirt under a bottom a black lacy brassiere, it was visible in the principle and without undressing, I sat down near her legs, and began to peer at a face at what without ulterior motive, I rested a hand against a bed to fall and look at her face, whether sleeps she and when rose back accidentally carried out on her suntanned leg, here to me as though shot at the head. I became excited awfully, I began to stroke her calves, then thighs, then dared and slightly parted them and saw that shorts don't adjoin to a body, probably mother wanted to remove them, but couldn't pull together tight shorts and through a moonlight in a window I saw that shorts are lowered slightly a little because the strap of her panties and the beginning of buttocks was visible, I was stupefied... I tried to stroke her bottom, but it didn't turn out, the bottom was visible on centimeter no more, I decided to lower a little shorts, time all of them are exactly undone to touch her bottom, I began to lower them, but resistance was strong, I could wake it I grew bolder at all, I bypassed it lowered a little shorts and pants, rested hands in a wall, it was easy to make as a bed was single and put costing a dick on her warm buttocks, but here I finished thinking about the plan, time she in thongs to climb on her and to put a dick directly between her rolls, I and made, later began to rub the dick about her buttocks, directly a cut of rolls, but shorts very much disturbed and were hammered back on a bottom and my shorts pressed on a dick, I lowered from her, took off from myself shorts and pants and slowly began to lower shorts from mother, I lowered them approximately to knees, and then solved at all to lower, was difficult, but I coped... her legs were so sexual, I took two of her feet and slightly the dick jerked off them, her bottom koloshitsya so sexually... I climbed on it back, the dick on a cut of her rolls put and pressed the dick on a bottom, accurately... then I already well pressed and suddenly felt her fabric of her panties in a bottom, I made a helpless gesture of her roll and saw her pink ringlet of an anal, I so became excited... Suddenly I wanted to look at a perineum of panties, I got up from it, parted legs in the parties, but very quietly and on not long distance, having looked narrowly between her beautiful legs I saw her panties so pleasantly fitted the pussy, the perineum was visible, but fabric strange flickered, I carried out by the shivering hand, to be exact fingers on her perineum and felt that she all wet, I guilty business thought that she peed the pants, but I rubbed fingers and understood that is lubricant, liquid was too dense, I again laid down over mother, was located between her legs and carried out by the dick on a perineum to feel through fabric her pussy and moisture Ya went crazy, I got down and got out in a window to take a sip air as from excitement to me was very hot, I wanted up to the end to consider this miracle, I was bent and licked her кисулю, but there was a wish to see her completely, and I without hesitating became as mad to lower from her pants, they were rather heavy from moisture between legs, I threw them on a chair, mother it seems moved when I took off pants, I was afraid that she will turn to me and I with shame will escape, I fell to her and didn't keep, I began to pinch mother's juice on which on a white blanket lay mother I saw a gray spot from moisture of her pussy, I licked her without breathing, reached a clitoris, and then at all unless bottom halves aside hands what would be more convenient, then got up, again moved apart a bottom and spat an anal, but in a throat dried up, and saliva washed very little, I fingers ran over the pussy and greased an anal, I wanted just to carry out by the dick on everything an anal and the pussy, from a clitoris and on lips but not to fuck her, I greased an anal, carried out on him a dickhead and slightly pressed pleasures for the sake of, without a thought to fuck, but here the dick sharply slipped and I entered mother slightly less floor of a dickhead, hardly touched with a lip dickhead, I was frightened that will wake her, but continued actions having removed the member from a hole, I fell the dick down, mentioned a blanket, and felt a dickhead her klitorok, and also began to conduct him to top. I didn't calculate, and entirely the dickhead, well almost entirely entered mother, I tried to take out it didn't do what yet, and then solved, nothing will be if I put only a dickhead, I attached a dick the shivering hand, from me sweat dripped, I slightly set a dick, the dickhead, but I almost didn't feel mother and decided to come at least on a half, I came and was кайфово, I insert came there from where I was born! but here I decided that the chance won't be, and it is necessary to study mother's depth, to tire out on the balls entirely to dress mother, and at once to put out a dick, I slipped at all length, and everything would be good, but here I felt a stream, I didn't manage to think that I terminated as the groan suddenly sounded, renders it mother terminated a jet orgasm and the loud groan, nearly shout sounded. Mother was pressed in a bed, wanted to turn, I couldn't allow to make by her it, I pressed her even stronger and didn't find anything more best how to press her in a bed, and to continue to get into this soft miracle, I strongly squeezed mother's halves of a bottom and parted them by inertia aside, mother very with pleasure groaned and coiled, then she told that at her zamlet a leg and me was necessary to give to her to turn, me already was everything exactly, I fucked the pussy, but didn't sin with mother, I kneeled to make to her room and to allow to turn, he turned, wanted to remove an undershirt, but I her outstripped, and we together pulled together from her a wet undershirt, then I didn't keep and kissed her lips, at the same time began to undo her brassiere to see a breast! As there was a breast at her is also good, chubby nipples, accurate auras, pink as well as nipples and stuck to a nipple, mother even screamed from pleasure and giggled, I threw a brassiere aside and stacking mother stuck to her chubby sponges, then got up to look at this miracle entirely, and mother sexually and widely spread legs, I wasn't kept and laid down between legs to suck her vulvar lips and her juice and with pleasure involved her clitoris by lips, mother screamed again again, I got up laid down on mother and squeezed a dick in very narrow slippery кисулю, mother at once embraced my hips legs, I got as it is possible more deeply to this paradise. In minutes 10 I left mother and turned her on a stomach, then bended over pressed a palm on a back what she would cave in, itself was kneeling not, and got up on hunkers, and from top to down began to stick in mother, however it is a pose wasn't convenient and I kneeled, I fucked her a minutes more one and a half, and here I began to poshlepyvat mother on an elastic bottom, she shouted what I would clap stronger, and in several moments she sprinkled to me on a dick again! and less than in a minute I began to accelerate and deciding not to break a high decided to terminate in this sweet pussy! I dispersed very strong, mother squealed very loudly from time to time swallowing of air... I accelerated as fast as possible and here I felt the strongest and longest orgasm in the world, I greedy poured in cum streams in the mother, pressing a dick as it is possible further, the cum began to drip nearly at once from a vagina, literally following, but shots didn't come to an end, mother began to shudder from an orgasm, I strongly nestled on mother, caved in and seized her by a breast and made the last push, we recovered the breath in this pose, I was removed and hardly took out a dick and the mother's pussy rushed my cum, and began to flow with a stream on a blanket, I moved apart her sponges and put two fingers in a vagina, poured out still slightly cums, then I caved in again and gave to mother two fingers in a cum which she thrust to herself a mouth also grew bare as if the dick. I by a hoarse voice told I will go I will smoke, and rushed to a door, but went quietly, hardly I went beyond a door as ran to himself to the house. For the morning mother discussed that Kolya, that guy just sexual giant, but when she was told that him hardly dovolokl to the house, she began to guess:someone? the others generally were with wives, wives remained with some in the city, here actually she drunk also didn't recognize me.
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Mother, t. Tanya, what you do it here?!

- Fuck Tanka, told now my son will come from school and isn't present we will be in time, I will terminate quickly! Terminated? Yes we so the sonny, with t. Tanya remembered the youth and that at you there for a knob in trousers? What was the picture pleasant? The little rascal, well give show us from Tankaya that there at you, oho what big
- Holy Christ the nephew that it for a dick, fuck me quicker, I want to feel him in myself!

- Wait for Tank, at first I want to taste him, I want to try what dick of my son on taste!
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To tell a real story?
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Of course... we wait!
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And how many messages are necessary?
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My real story such.

Once in the summer we were at the sea, it is Abkhazia, a pereodevalok on the beach wasn't, there all is wild and when to go home mother left to the park and there changed clothes. It sounded so, look that nobody would go she spoke to me. On her a light dressing gown and it is open, she takes off a wet bathing suit and buttons it. The fact that she went then naked under a dressing gown impressed me just now... And at that time I and had no sexual thoughts. But once I stood opposite to mother both she changed clothes, and I for the first time saw her pussy and boobies, I directly stuck eyes to her body, she noticed it and asked it is pleasant? I answered very much, she allowed me to consider herself! it I proceeded probably seconds 10 can slightly more, but the whole eternity seemed to me, and after that I wrapped up a dressing gown and told only speak to nobody. After that I became literally we will gain mother. I began to spy upon her everywhere where it is only possible. When did she wash a chandelier, from below, [url=viewtopic.php? t=614] in bathing [/url] I did a file from below and from above crack doors. Since morning I pretend that I sleep and I look as she changes clothes. [url=viewtopic.php? t=614] In bathing [/url] was very great it is visible when you look from above having got up on a chair, in a crack over a door it is visible to her breast, and from below lying on a floor her pussy and a bottom. So probably also proceeded, but one night I heard and realized as she is fucked by the stepfather... Having waited so far I will fall asleep, they started business. He twirled her as soon as could, in different poses. It is sometimes rather noisy, with dirty words. And I that I needed to do, I lay under a blanket with a stone dick and wildly wanted her. So desire to spy upon her developed into desire to fuck her. Sometimes the stepfather began to drink, and was sometimes coded. Generally business came to an end the fact that they left and he left, expelled him. Mother herself began to drink sometimes with girlfriends or friends. But she not the drunkard from a word absolutely, just alcohol strongly affects her. And once at such moment, she was fidgety also for health of the grandmother, and drank strong. Generally she fell asleep on the bed in front of the TV. We slept then in one room, I am separately. I asked it to switch off the TV, she didn't answer, then I potormoshit her, but she slept tight. She slept in a night dress on zavyazochka on shoulders when I shook her for a shoulder, boobies waved and it was slightly visible contours of nipples, it brought me. And then having called her having loudly and still shaken, I was convinced that she sleeps very tight. I decided to untie one tie and to look at a breast. Slowly accurately I did it and the breast was bared. At first I slowly considered everything, light from the TV gave this chance nearby, I made a sound quietly. After having seen enough of a breast, I decided to touch it, it is necessary to tell me all shook from excitement and understanding that suddenly she will wake up. But she slept very tight, slightly pokhrapyvy. And therefore I began to touch her breast, to rumple a hand and to finger fingers of nipples, then grew bolder and kissed him, licked language and slightly sucked, the nipple got up and hardened. Then I bared the second breast and began to touch both breasts, and without having sustained such excitement of the beginnings at the same time to touch boobies and to jerk off. I as far as I remember time 3 with breaks terminated. And at the same time I wanted to touch her below under a blanket under a night dress, but there to my disappointment there were pants. Полапав through panties of her leg and a perineum I finished that evening an experiment, pants I to take off was afraid, I am more faithful I didn't know as to treat them was afraid that dressing them back, I will wake her, and to put them in the bathroom in a stiralka, too it isn't clear as she will react since morning, generally didn't take off pants. But my desire to her uslilitsya and I began to look forward when she drinks again. In the following messages I will tell as it was farther.
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[ref] Nik [/ref] , good history, I wait for continuation) And mother how many years?
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[quote=ksay post_id=4813 time=1656086912 user_id=948]
good history, I wait for continuation) And mother how many years?

It is history from the Internet
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It is my real story. Try find. I wrote here for the first time.
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Thanks for stories, great :chelo:
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At the head of this story the love of the son to the mother lies. Dima, so call our hero. Since Dima matured, he began to notice that he is surrounded by very sexy women, of which his mother, Svetlana was main. Svetlana works as the mathematics teacher at school and conducts a graduation class of the son. She is 45 years old, but despite the age, has an excellent figure, with a big breast which still has the form and the tightened buttocks. In clothes Svetlana always prefers classics:dresses, blouses, skirts and of course tights and stockings which became an adoration element for her

The love of the son to mother's legs, began with the moment as he in tortures to receive new images for the imaginations, peeped at gatherings of Svetlana for work. He was always struck by elegance of this mother's element of clothes and excited in him desire and warmed a libido. In other, the Dima became more senior, the less Svetlana hesitated of the son and could walk on the house in stockings and tights without skirt, in one underwear. And every morning for Dima began with the powerful strut inspired by a new elegant image of the mother, and the termination of this strut either under a blanket or in a

Dima's imaginations concerning the mother a little to what were limited. He often represented her legs on the dick. He often represented legs of the mother on dicks of his schoolmates. He represented her the whore, he represented her strict, prepotent, tender and any if only once again to receive the orgasm. Chulkov began to smell her, demented our hero, he was often locked in the room with a batch of mother's stockings. Especially he loved when stockings or tights with which he had a good time recently put on for work next day. Dima found it especially sexual and dissolute. Nobody suspects of a class that traces of his cum are on legs of his mother and in combination the form-master now. So there were months and years, Dima's hobby developed into a habit and inclination to the dearest person. He already wanted not just her legs, and her all.

Svetlana began to notice changes in behavior of the son too, he practically ceased to communicate with contemporaries and schoolmates, in a class began to laugh at him, even more often spent time in the room, more and more "men's" and even temporary loss of the hosiery products she ceased to connect his views concerning her steel with the absent-mindedness. She decided to talk to the

In one of evenings, she came to the son into the room. Dima sat at the computer and played a game. She called to him and approached the son:

— Dim, you are strongly busy? I should talk to you. — worrying I told

— Yes, mothers second. — Dima pressed a pause and was developed on a chair of

— Sonny. I began to notice for you recently strangenesses about which I would like to talk to you. You became •••
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some unsociable, everything you play on the computer in a class with anybody you don't communicate, girls are whispered at you behind the back. Tell honestly, you are an addict? — with a shiver in a voice I uttered the last phrase of

Dima being perplexed from mother's conclusions, at first I didn't know what to answer, and then loudly I burst out laughing.

— I? Addict? Hakhakh. Mothers it is very ridiculous, I stay at home and I touch nobody from where at you such conclusions undertook? And about little girls, they silly and terrible, here. — Without removing a smile from a face I blurted out

— Whereas to explain your strange views since morning? And your locking in the room and the bathroom? And where my tights vanish? — Exactingly I asked

— Oh. — Dima mentally began to realize that he lost control and vigilance and will become possible his secret interest obvious now and he remembered that he didn't return tights of the mother into place yesterday.

— I don't know mothers. maybe you threw out them and didn't notice as? — I tried to take away a conversation

— Threw out? New tights for 2000 rubles? I wanted to put on them work today, but they were gone! Don't you mind I will look round in your room? — Light, I will strike I went to Dima's bed and quickly enough I found the tights in him under a

— So! It that? Why they to you? If you aren't an addict, then someone? Pervert? — being perplexed Sveta

Dima all reddened with shame, he didn't know what to answer, but wonderfully his dick was poured by blood. The image of the angry mother demanding from it the answer caused in the surge in excitement is mute. Imaginations from volume got into his thoughts at once as it cums on the face of the mother in response to her

— Mothers. I just I... from them so cool smells. and and... you such beautiful in them... — Dima mumbled, fidgeting on a chair trying to hide the

— And what? You дро. masturbated them? — already passing to shout Sveta

— Yes... — Dima after long

There came the mute scene. Dima looked in a floor occasionally glancing at alarmed mother. Svetlana long looked at the son and at his inept attempts to hide the

— And long ago you are engaged in it? — by the upset voice Svetlana asked and sat down on the son's bed

— Few years. — I mumbled

Light I was in a little shock from all this these are information. At her in the head of steel meets last losses of her underwear.

— And so, the young man, here is how we will arrive... — Having got in it together, Svetlana got out of a bed/>

— You are punished! Any games there won't arrive your father from watch yet! He will already solve how you to punish on more seriously... — Mandative tone I said

— No... mother please don't tell the father. He will kill me... I will make everything that you will want... please it isn't necessary... — Dima begged, having fallen in legs

— I told everything! Also don't approach me! — Light sharply I left the room, having slapped a

Dima didn't know, as to do... he quietly sat down in a corner of the
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beds also I began to cry.

Dima lay on a bed and looked in a ceiling, outside there was a night, he didn't know how many he already lay and didn't know how further to live. As suddenly he heard a sound of the coming-off door. It was his mother, he thought, nobody in the house was any more. In lunar light from a window her silhouette and a hairstyle in style of a

— Dim... Do you sleep? — I whispered

— No, came once again on me to shout? — Peevishly I answered

— No. Dim. you forgive me. simply. for me it everything was so unexpected. Of course your peers give me compliments. but I didn't expect that I will become desired at own son... It wasn't correct to abuse you. I am after all a teacher. and we will solve it a problem between us. we won't connect your father. And all the same he will return only through half of year... — In a whisper I spoke

At Dima a load was taken off the mind, he wanted to live again and felt rush of blood around the groin. Began to seem to him that one of his

— You forgive me too... I am not specially. just you is really very strong me... you get. I don't know as it is correct to tell it. — quietly I spoke

— I understand all the sonny. You won't order to love. Tell about the feelings. open to me completely... — with maternal love Sveta told and sat down on a bed nearby. Dima saw her moonlight lit up a juicy breast of his mother in a white night dress <.br/>

Dima told mother about the way. how long he finds her attractive as he goes bananas from her legs and when he decorates them to stockings and tights. All this time his strut was broken off under a blanket, it could terminate without hands, but constrained itself(himself).

— Well and the last probably. very much it is pleasant to me when you put on those tights. which I jerked off yesterday. because it. — Dima didn't manage to finish speaking, mother tore off him on a floor a

— Very dissolutely, sonny. I also didn't think that you such prankish at me and the erotomaniac. But you understand that I am your mother and it is an incest? Let's not allow it become our problem, well? — With a teacher's note in a voice I spoke

— Well. — a little gloomy Dima answered, he thought that on this conversation all and will end.

— But! — quite loudly I told

— I can't leave the son in it painfully a state? Then I will be bad mother. Turn on the light expensive. — and in the dark I showed a hand on the lamp over

Dima right there satisfied his request. Before him on a bed his mother with an easy evening make-up, in a white short night dress on a naked body sat. Dima could even distinguish her nipples, and on legs there were those tights which became the scandal reason a little earlier.

Light slowly I got up and it was twisted before the son. Her night dress rose baring appetizing buttocks of the woman. On her there are no panties — Dima thought. He couldn't take away
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a look from the

— Well as? Do you like the sonny? — Smiling and making advances I told

— Mothers you are just a bomb! — Dima's hand instinctively stretched to a

— Cost the son! — Having noticed Dima's movement I said

— Remember. any sex. we simply play and we have a good time. Remembered? — Light I bent down over the head of the son and I kissed him bluntly.

— Yes! — joyfully Dima blurted out, he was ready to follow any instruction of the

— And now you will show me him? — Light I pointed by a hand to a knob which all strove to escape from under a

Dima sharply cast away a blanket. Light the dick not of the boy, and the man saw already. — Even it is more than at Oleg (Dima's father) — I thought

— What big! — Delightfully Sveta blurted out without looking away from the dick of the

— What to make to me? — Sveta

Dima didn't trust the

— You can show me the buttocks.? — Constrainingly I asked

— What you are a libertine of sonnies. you ask mother to show buttocks... you are right. it gets. — Light I leaned on a wall, I turned to Dima buttocks and I lifted a night dress <.br/>

Dima was delighted. Especially from the fact that mother was without panties. Tights were put on on a naked

— Mother you are a goddess... and without panties... And it is possible to touch her? — I asked

— I knew that it will be pleasant to you. Yes sonny. it is possible.

Dima clung to buttocks of the native mother, rumpled it kissed and even tried to lick.

— Sonny. you be not fond there remember. any sex... — Again teacher's notes played in a voice of

Dima was already unable his dick burned from desire to scatter.

— Mothers... I can't I want to terminate on you... it is possible? Please... — begging I asked

— It is possible... penetration wasn't... — Languidly I answered

Sveta leaned on elbows on Dima's bed and placed legs. Dima understood everything and approached closer. His dick touched buttocks of his native mother. He rubbed a head about kapron and jerked off. He as if wanted to leave also a trace on Sveta's buttocks where wouldn't concern him a

— What you are a hot sonny. well, give. I want that you obkonchat my buttocks. Give... обкончай her. You always wanted it... — I continued to kindle fire of the son of

The warm stream of a cum escaped from the member Dima and began to spread on tights, and behind her more and more. Dima furiously vydrachivat all to a

— Mmmm — I moaned

— What man at me grows... — Light it was developed to the son by the person and I ran a hand over yet not fallen

— I think. on it we finished for today... and you probably understand that to nobody about it words? — stroking a dick the son I spoke

— Of course. мамуль! It will be our small secret! — Smiling Dima blurted out and kissed mother in

— Tomorrow in school there will also be a difficult subject! Therefore the march in a shower and to sleep! — I ordered

— Well mothers... And you will put on for work these tights tomorrow? — I took an interest

— And you as thought? A game came to the end? Of course I will dress the sonny. and nobody will guess that at us
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[quote=roman.jmyshv post_id=4435 time=1655450915 user_id=1087]
And how many messages are necessary?

Definitely it isn't known. Someone told 20, but at me already is 20 and all the same doesn't work.
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I decided that our family has to go hiking. A few years ago he bought a second-hand lodge on wheels and spent the most part of the free time on his restoration. The father was proud of the fact that he all made with own hands; he repaired and polished the aluminum case outside, restored wooden salon, laid a carpet and painted everything.

Inside the small dining room with completely equipped kitchen, the small bedroom with a bunk bed for us with the brother Kolya and one more bedroom with a large bed for mother and the father turned out. And, at last, a tiny toilet with a toilet bowl and a sink for washing and toothbrushing.

And now, when work on the trailer at last was finished, the father insisted that we tested it, having gone to a travel over the country. Knowing how many work the father enclosed in restoration, we couldn't tell no. Therefore when summer vacation began, we were told to pack things and to prepare for a

After the whole day of preparation and collecting things, we, at last, went to a way. Within the next three weeks we should make a trip around the country and to visit the hidden treasures of the remote place. The father decided to avoid whenever possible speedways and laid a route through what he called the real remote place. The travel began with a two-day trip to the first planned purpose. It was necessary to spend the night on the parking, and next day to reach to the

It is good that I took with myself many

On the eve of our first spending the night, I had to recognize that the father really well worked with a trailer, and he really looked beautifully. But I would prefer to spend night in hotel, than in this trailer. To live so closely to each other meant that within three weeks there will be no private life. I expressed to mother the disappointment, but she just told that it isn't necessary to worry about it. We were one family and there was nothing to hesitate.

As if as proof, my parents that night had sex is also noisy, as well as houses. Through thin wooden walls the muffled pokhryukivaniye, groans and a rhythmical sound of the sweaty bodies which are plopping down the friend about the friend was very well heard. I just closed eyes and pretended that I don't hear how they fuck, and I don't feel concussion of the bunk

The father woke us early in the morning, ordered to put on and get into the car. Ahead there was a long way, and we decided to have breakfast on the

After one more long boring day in the car we at last arrived to the place. The sun already sat down. The manager helped us to park a trailer and suggested to meet the next morning for paperwork.

That evening I learned that besides total absence of a privacy, there was also a lack of the normal bathroom. The lack of a shower or at least hot water meant that we had to walk to shower a camping every time when we wanted to accept

So, in the first evening of our stay we with mother a little dissatisfied passed about one hundred meters to a shower, bearing with ourselves our towels and bags
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with toilet accessories. We with pleasure found two empty cabins, but quickly found out that we need special coins for hot water. As the trifle at us didn't appear, we with mother had to accept the coldest, shortest and most inconvenient shower which we ever took.

After several unpleasant minutes of bathing now extremely dissatisfied we passed one hundred meters back to the van. The father told that we are simply spoiled that in the refreshing cold shower there is nothing bad. Mother roughly ordered to shut up to him and swore that will come back home rather, than will take one more ice shower. My brother Kolya and I sincerely agreed with it, and, eventually, the father gave up. The made happy mother rewarded the father — took away him to the bedroom and fucked to

Next day our family went to explore vicinities astride horses. It was very cheerful, but after long hot day I very needed a long hot shower to wash away dirt and to calm tired muscles. Fortunately, mother managed to get a trifle handful for a shower, but each coin lasted only for half-minute of hot water. Therefore to save time and money, mother decided that we will take a shower together. I was frightened by prospect to be naked near my beautiful and pyshnogrudy mummy. But I also knew that it will be much more best, than one more ice than

So, we once again passed about one hundred meters with towels and bags. Evening only began and when we came to shower, with pleasure found out that we there some. Mother quickly spent me to the most distant shower cabin which, according to her, was a little more than the others. Cabins seemed to me identical. But, at least, we will be as it is possible further from the general

Having appeared inside, mother right there undressed and looked forward while I am ready too. Her body was even more beautiful, than I thought. Understand me correctly, I didn't feel to her any inclination or something like that. I just envied her elastic and magnificent figure. Though I probably still should have grown up a little. But it was already clear that I didn't inherit a magnificent magnificent breast of the mother. For every time when looked in a mirror, I felt sorry about it.

I also didn't inherit her unpredictable character. I was more timid, didn't even see mother naked many years. And I didn't get used to be naked together with her definitely.

— Well, give, waters for only five minutes — mother called me, having thrown the first coin into the

I reluctantly took off clothes and stepped to mother, trying to be covered with hands somehow. She attracted me to herself under a pleasant stream of warm water, and her hands slid on my neck and a back. Mummy washed me, slightly massaging.

Then she developed me so that I appeared facing her, and took away hands from a body. I was completely open for her look. Mother smiled to me, her
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гляд radiated maternal

— Don't hesitate, Valya, you have a fine body! You should parade more often it... — she told. — Remind me to buy you something when we go on shops. What at you now the size?

— 32B — I confused with her

— I will buy you black and most revealing bikini which we will find. It will dement all guys/>

— It isn't necessary to buy anything, I like a bathing suit which I already have — I objected, knowing that it will be senseless.

— That's OK, it will be pleasant to you. It is pleasant to tease boys. — She grinned.

— Perhaps — I answered, hoping that mother will forget about it. Trying to send a conversation to other course, I asked for her shampoo:— I want to wash the head before ends

Instead of just transferring a bottle, mother developed me again and pulled together from hair an elastic band <.br/>

— Let me wash to you hair, expensive, and then you will be able to wash me, agreed?

— Well — I agreed, rejoicing that the attempt crowned

Mother began to rub shampoo in my wet hair, and I thought that it is quite lovely. Perhaps, joint acceptance of a shower will be not such an unpleasant

— I didn't do it since you broke a wrist, you remember? — I told

And we chatted while she washed to me hair and washed away

While she put the conditioner, something drew my attention. The ray of light got through a hole in the wall dividing shower cabins. It was the round hole about ten centimeters wide and in meter from a floor. As though once in a wall there was a sink, but the hole wasn't stopped up.

— Mother, look! In a wall a hole... — I told mother, pointing to her.

Eyes of mother extended, and on lips appeared a

— My God! I didn't see hundred years of it! Do you know what the opening is?

— The hole remained from a drain pipe? — I assumed.

— No, slightly more interestingly.

— It... to spot?

— Almost. The similar opening is called in America глорихол and is intended for anonymous sex when you don't see and you don't know with someone you fuck. And well look, there is somebody in the next cabin?

I got up on knees, glanced in a hole and saw the same

— Just same shower

— I argue for one thousand rubles that there — a men's shower — mother told. — There is somebody?

— No, anybody — I answered with

— Very badly. At your age I quite often was kidding with these holes. And now go here and wash to me the head until again hot water came to an end. Only you watch a hole, can a bit later we will be able to take a fun.

Mother stretched shampoo and turned to me a back. I applied shampoo on the head and rubbed to dense foam. Mother quietly moaned, obviously enjoying my actions. I hoped that we still some in shower. Noise could create incorrect idea of what really happened in our cabin. Even I was a little disturbed by her response. I knew that mummy always freely expresses the sexuality.
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But now... She specially pushed me with the buttocks, or.? And whether really she just soaped a breast, or nevertheless caressed the nipples?

I was even delighted when water began to reach a limit. This acceptance of a shower with mother every minute became more and more obscene. However it turned out that all this there were florets. After I rubbed the conditioner in her hair, mother turned again and got a jar of shaving foam from a bag. She squeezed out a little on a hand and applied on a pubis. Then I leaned against a wall, highly I raised a leg and carefully I soaped the

— Forgive Valyush, but I have to shave — mother apologized, being enough the pink razor. — If I don't shave, your father won't make to me to

While mummy gave so intimate details, she skillfully processed the bosom a safety razor. It was the intriguing show, and I couldn't tear off a look from so frankly naked vagina of mother. She smiled when she caught my eye, and I felt as cheeks reddened and quickly turned away.

— Do you want to shave too? — mummy so innocently asked as if to discuss shaving of pussies was something absolutely normal in our

I just shook the head, without knowing what to answer.

— I can help if you don't know as... — I offered

— No, mothers, aren't necessary to me — I snapped, hoping, to stop a conversation on it.

Fortunately, mother, it seems, understood a hint and didn't begin to develop a subject further.

— Probably, you are right — she sighed and put set for shaving back in a bag. — If I would be at your age, maybe, too it wasn't required to me.

I almost never shaved the pussy though always I straightened at the edges. It wasn't pleasant to me, and, frankly speaking, in it there was no special need. Anyway I had there only a small amount of a fine hair, and as I am a natural blonde, light hairs were hardly noticeable. My friend admitted once that I have the most nice pussy from all girls in our volleyball team. And I actually very much was proud of it.

So far mother splashed water between legs to wash away foam and the shaved bristle, I noticed something. On the other side of a hole I appeared a

— I think that now there someone is — I warned

— Remarkably! — enthusiastically mother reacted. — And well quickly, push a finger in a

With some care I pointed a finger at an opening, being afraid that it will be bitten off.

— Well, now knock a little — I directed

— Here so?

— Yes, just knock few times and we will wait.

At first occurred like nothing, but then the shadow moved and unexpectedly in a hole the firm penis appeared.

— My GOD! Mother, look! — I shouted, pointing to the pulsing

— Well, look at him! Unless he isn't a handsome?. — with emotion she asked. — Do you want to play with him?

— Same it is indecent! — I confused by unexpected reaction whispered

— Yes, but it is amusing and sexual — she grinned.

I was still too shocked. I never saw the real dick earlier. My hand began to tremble
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air halfway to the

— If you don't take, I will take — I persuaded

— But we don't even know someone it — I began to panic a little.

Mother looked at me so as if she couldn't understand how it she brought up such modest and bashful

— So in it and all counter that you don't know someone is on that side. It can be someone from tourists or one of locals. It can be even that nice boy from the van near us. But what for certain, so is that he has a good firm dick, and he wants that we caressed him. And most important:if you don't know someone it, then then nobody shouldn't nothing to anybody!

I wasn't sure that the father would agree with such logic. But it didn't prevent mother to give a hand and several times to stroke a

— Hmmm, хорооош... Big... firm... You should feel too.

My hand hung in mid-air as I didn't dare to touch a penis. Mother resolutely grabbed my shivering hand and clasped with her body. I slightly squeezed a palm and felt as the dick pulses.

— Strong hold him and run a hand up-down — I taught me

It was much firmer and warmer, than I expected. I liked smoothness of skin and how she moved when I slid a hand on a trunk as prompted

— Move quicker — she whispered.

The penis pulsed again, and on a tip the drop of transparent slippery liquid appeared. On that side of a thin partition the muffled groan sounded. I felt pride from what power I rendered on this man, having just seized him a

All this too strongly excited me. While I caressed the guy's dick, my pussy became warm and soft. His hips began to move considerably, and I thought whether the man is going to shoot the cum. But before I managed to learn it, mother told to stop.

— You perfectly cope, expensive. But we don't want that fun ended too quickly — she told. — And now let's make to him even more pleasantly. Look and study.

Mummy kneelt before a hole, grabbed the sticking-out dick and jerked off it a little more. While mother jerked off, her head drew near closer, and lips almost touched a violet head. Then she put out tongue, carried out by it on a tip of the dick and sliznut the drop which acted on a head. After that she opened a mouth, and the dick slipped between lips!

On that side of a wall one more lingering groan sounded. Mother widely opened lips, and the dick completely plunged into her mouth so that the chin touched a wall. Despite my initial shock, I had to see it. I crept up to mother and observed how she sucks to the guy. It was noticeable that she has quite wide experience, and mother tried to please the stranger. I convinced myself that has to observe process in the educational purposes. But has to admit that my pussy was burned with desire, and now I made the most part of decisions
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After a while mummy came off a penis and again jerked off a cam up-down now to a slippery

— You are sure that you don't want to try? — she asked suddenly got hoarse <>

To jerk off one business the dick of the stranger, and absolutely another — to take him in a mouth. I wasn't going to do for anything it and modestly rejected the mother's

— All right, put yours, but you will lose much — she sighed. — To me will get more

With these words mother got up and was driven by a back into the corner. She moved hips, rubbing a penis between buttocks. Then the dick grabbed and I inclined a little that he appeared under an ideal corner for penetration. When the head appeared between vulvar lips, mother set a

I observed in amazement as the penis of the stranger slowly interferes in a hairless vagina of my mother. Mother was removed back, yet didn't rest buttocks against a wall, and the stranger didn't appear in her on the

She quietly moaned when the guy slightly took out a dick from a vagina, and then again thrust him into mother's pussy. One hand mummy held a wall, another rubbed the bulked-up clitoris and moved together with the

I couldn't believe that I watch all this! My mother was fucked by the stranger directly in front of my eyes! And that the most interesting, it was obviously pleasant to her. At first they fucked slowly, but as the passion was tensed, movements became more and more vigorous. Soon it already became enraged I beat with buttocks about a wall, fucking the stranger that was

Attentively looking at an enchanting show, I asked a question:what it to have something like that big in the pussy. I perfectly knew how many my fingers can give pleasures to me. But unless it is possible to compare them to this magnificent dick. My body begged about the same pleasure that received

From such thoughts my hand slipped between legs, the palm comfortably nestled on my inflamed pussy. My God, I should terminate. And what if I a little rub the pussy? Mother will hardly object; she is too busy, fucking with the stranger. One, behind him the second finger slipped inside, it is delightful filling the aching emptiness in my pussy. After two days of abstention I needed a good orgasm. Having rejected modesty, I began to fuck the pussy two fingers. We began to move with the stranger in one rhythm, and I presented that it — I fuck with him instead of

— Give, terminate, the babe, terminate — I whispered

I didn't know whether she tells it to me or the stranger. Having raised the head, I saw that mummy looks at me. I was too close to an orgasm to be ashamed. My thumb went to and fro in my opinion to very sensitive clitoris. Excitement inside quickly grew and, at last, there came sweet simplification. I hardly refrained from shout when waves of pleasure swept on all

I saw that mother too just about will terminate. She bit lips not to cry while the guy fucked her, bringing closer to an orgasm closer and closer. Suddenly mummy rushed forward, came off the dick and, convulsively
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shuddering, madly I rubbed the pussy. At the same time the stream of muddy liquid from a vagina with a force struck in a wall. After that legs of mummy gave away, and she fell in my embraces. I pressed her to myself while mummy continued to cum, shuddering all over.

— It was great — she exhaled. — Let's thank him for it.

Mother kneelt and again the dick took in a mouth. It sharply drained in it, and then slowly released from a mouth. Mummy felt that the guy just about will terminate, and again offered me:

— Quicker, approach here, the babe. Quicker... suck his

This time mother didn't even ask whether I want. She just told me to suck. I obeyed as felt that my pussy asked the same. In several moments I appeared on a lap and brought closer the person to a male penis. I couldn't believe that I am going to kiss the dick of the stranger. A dick which all some minutes ago was in

The dick had no special taste. I licked him again, and then closed lips around a head. Mother encouragingly nodded and approvingly shook the head. I opened a mouth so widely as soon as could, and drained in all head. It turned out big, I nearly choked when she reached the throat. I tried to remember how it was done by mother, was a little removed and just sucked a tip while rubbed a

Has to be, I well tried because suddenly the dick rushed forward, and the clot of a hot viscous cum filled my mouth. I in panic looked at mother, but she ordered to swallow to me everything and to continue to suck. I tried to swallow all portion, but wasn't in time. The penis moved again, and spat out one more portion to me in a mouth. I quickly swallowed, trying to be prepared for the following emission of a cum. So I serially sucked a dick and swallowed a viscous

The man behind a wall lingeringly moaned as I, at last, adapted to technology of blowjob, and in an award received the next enormous portion of a cum. I was captured by wild feeling of the fulfilled duty:I as the real whore forced this guy to terminate. I wanted that he continued to eyakulirovat, but everything ended too quickly. The dick at me in a mouth began to lose the rigidity slowly. Continuing to suck, I felt how he slowly withers and disappears back in a

I slowly returned to reality and found out that I am kneeling in camping soul. The cum of the stranger flows down on my chin, and my naked mother hard fell by a floor nearby, continuing to caress slowly recently fucked pussy. Nothing similar never happened to me. It seemed to me that I sleep.

I nervously giggled, looking at mother. She it is proud I smiled and I lifted up me/>

— The babe, at you everything very well turned out.

She kissed me on a mouth and sliznut the drops following at me from a

Mummy looked at me, and we kissed again. It was already the most real kiss, her language got into my mouth. So far we kissed, her hands
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clasped my buttocks, squeezing and moving apart buttocks. A part me wanted to make the same with mother, but I didn't dare. At mother of such bans it didn't appear, and she went further away. Her wandering hands got between my legs. I felt as mother's fingers slipped between my sponges in search of an entrance to my virgin pussy. I quietly moaned when the tip of her finger entered me. My God, I тааак was horney!

At this moment the last coin ended. The ominous click sounded, and in a second cold water from a shower drenched us as to steam of wet little bitches. We jumped out of a shower, shouting, laughing and swearing. The mood was cheerful, but everything ended.

Mother wrapped me in a big fluffy towel and accurately wiped. I didn't know what to do or what to think of, and just allowed mother to dry me. Having finished, she once again kissed me on a mouth. It was pleasant to me.

— I love you, mother — I whispered.

— I love you too — she answered and I smiled. — To you it was good?

I felt as my cheeks redden again.

— Yes — I admitted. — Very much.

A bit later we put on and left shower. I with relief saw that we were some. I would vanish into thin air if somebody learned what occurred in that cabin. Mother handed me bags and ordered to go to the van, and itself went to learn about restaurants in this

When we left the place of an adventure, was still light. It was strange to realize that didn't pass also fifteen minutes since we entered shower. The world remained the same around, and here my life was completely changed.

I was glad that I will be alone some time; was about what to think. I just sucked away to the unfamiliar man, in French kissed the mother, watched how she fucks, and allowed her to treat kindly myself. But the most interesting is that I liked everything that we did. And I knew that I will surely make it again.

While I got used to the status of the bisexual whore, mother left from a shower in an opposite direction. Having come for shower, she met the father. Mummy smiled and greeted him a passionate

— Well, and...?! How feelings when the daughter your dick sucks? Whether it was as good, as in your imaginations? — I whispered to him

The father smiled from ear to ear.

— My God, a hundred times more better! I thought that I will terminate at once as soon as felt these soft

— Valya so was fond. I think, she enjoyed process not less yours.

— How do you think, we didn't frighten her?

— Well, if only right at the beginning. You would see her eyes when fucked me! She couldn't tear off a look from your dick and even caressed the pussy, watching us!

— She terminated?

— Hey yeah... As it was sweet to watch her orgasm! I from it terminated so strongly that splashed all

— It was so exciting, huh?

— It is a pity that you didn't see. At her such beautiful a bit
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pussy, such pretty and soft. She was such wet and elastic.

— How do you think, Valyusha will allow me to fuck her?

— Don't worry, darling, still ahead. Just be there next time when we go to a shower. And I am sure, you will feel as her pussy contracts around your dick when you fuck our daughter and you will bring her to an orgasm. To our return home, Valya will beg you to fuck her again and again.

— Holy Christ, I can't wait! My dick instantly gets up from only one thought of it.

— Just hold him in trousers some more minutes — she told, having winked. — By the way, why to you with Kolya not to take a shower right now? I die of desire to try his dick! Whether so he is good on taste, as well as at his father?
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Having aimlessly wandered, I sat down on one of a swing. I don't know how many I stayed, sunk into the thoughts until the humming stomach reminded that I ate nothing since morning, i.e. ten hours ago. Having looked at the watch, I with surprise saw, what is the time passed since we with mother left from

Almost thrown camping was filled with the people who came back after various day affairs. It reminded me of my own family which probably waited for me at the van. Therefore I quickly got up and went back. When I came, the father and Kolya returned too. All were dressed and ready to go.

Mother chose old snackbar near that place where we rode horses. According to the owner, gave the best stakes here. In an hour we four together sat at a small table at very small restaurant, and we were faced by four big juicy stakes. It quite could be the most tasty stake which I ever ate in the life, but I didn't think of it. I continued to think of a dick of the stranger which I sucked. And how mother fucked him directly in front of my eyes.

Fortunately, my father and the brother were too busy with food that to notice it. Only mother knew what I think of, and playfully winked at me, enjoying a stake and

At night in a bed it was even worse. I long didn't sleep, reflecting on what occurred, and felt devilishly upset and excited. I remembered how the tart cum of the stranger filled my mouth. It seemed that I still catch her smell. But then I understood that it can be also because the brother feverishly jerked off above our bunk bed. Even parents very long time ago fell asleep, but my brother didn't calm down in any way. He masturbated hour almost without stopping. I heard how he groaned during an orgasm, at least, four times. But it is similar, I didn't receive a discharge which was so necessary to him.

— Kolya, you don't object if I a little have a sleep? — slightly with irritation I whispered.

The rhythmical poskripyvaniye for a minute stopped, but after a while quietly renewed.

— You aren't afraid to rub a callosity?

— I can do nothing. I can't sleep with such strut — grumbled the

I even sympathized with him a little. I would give everything right now to remain one in the room. Only I, my pussy and the handle of my hairbrush. And the thick walls around blocking any sound which I could publish. Also I would like to be the same laid-back person as my brother and to give to the pussy that simplification in which she was so in great need. But even the case didn't help with soul.

— I will tell you in confidence... today I fucked the real woman — suddenly whispered

Actually we weren't so close to share similar secrets. But I think, he needed to speak. And except me nobody else wasn't. Feats of the brother not really interested me. But, as good
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the sister, I suggested everything to tell me. Perhaps, we, at last, will a little have a rest as soon as he "confesses".

— It was no first sex in my life... But it was the real woman, very skilled, it is much more best, than the ordinary

Great! Even if his readily available girlfriends weren't so good that then to speak about such absolute virgin how I? It can even be good that mother gave me the chance to learn from her and to practise with the stranger through a hole.

— So someone this woman was? — I asked.

— Well, aa... you understand... I don't know... I mean that I didn't see her face. We spoke a little, but she really is able to suck a dick. I know that she has a big round bum, and the pussy was incredibly wet. But most important:she really knows how to move and use the muscles. Every time when the woman cumed, I felt how her pussy squeezes my

— So you forced her to terminate too?

— Oh yes three-four times! — he answered proudly.

— But you don't know someone this woman?

— It... well... long

I all the same won't fall asleep any more, it is possible and to listen.

— All right, give, tell.

— Well, it began when we with the father were in soul. The father told that it is necessary to take a shower together because these damned coins very expensive.

— Yes, I know. We with mother bathed together too... — I told, trying to represent

I didn't want that my brother who has a surplus of hormones learned that I strongly liked those dissolute adventures which occurred in our shower

— What? It was inconvenient to bathe naked with the father?. — I asked, remembering as I had to undress before

— Yes, it is a little. But, you know, we with guys always together take a shower after the training. With the father was quite so. First.

— First?! And what happened then?

— Promise what you will tell nobody?

— I promise.

— The father had a huge strut, I mean, very huge. But it not all. As soon as we undressed, and the father included water, the woman pushed fingers in an opening in a wall and several times knocked. And, you represent, the father approached a wall and the dick thrust into a hole! I thought that he silly looks, standing at a wall. But then the father began to groan and keep saying — something it seems:Oh yes suck him!

I shocked understood that I also made it! I could appear this woman! But then I remembered that Kolya and the father took a shower much more after us. I even saw how he waited for the father when I went home.

— And what was farther? — I asked.

My heart without restraint beat.

— I don't think that the father then terminated. But he receded and told that I have to try it too.

— And you.?

— Yes, devil take it!

— And how to you?

— At first it felt a little ill at ease. I mean, you don't know what will occur, and you see nothing. But she really knew how to suck
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dick. It was the best blowjob in my life. The woman even allowed me to terminate her in a mouth. Also I think, she swallowed everything.

— Did you tell that you fucked her?

— Yes. But the father fucked its the first. After she devastated me, the father thrust the strut into a hole again. Soon he began to groan. I saw how all wall shuddered:with such force the woman jumped on his dick. The father began to be pushed and say too:As it is good. I think, he terminated, and then told that now my turn. My dick strained again. Therefore I pushed it in an opening, and at once felt as the woman grabbed the dick and inserted into myself.

The more I listened to my brother, the more he began to irritate me. Everything looked suspiciously probably on what I had with mother. It is too much similar to be mere coincidence. Our parents were aware both about a hole and involved us in this adventure. In both cases in the next cabin there was the one someone also wanted to participate in a game. All this is more and resembled one big

My brother didn't pay attention to all this, continuing to speak about the woman whom he fucked.

— I couldn't move normally because of a wall. But what was done by this woman was tremendous! I never felt anything similar! And I think that she terminated again. Because her pussy began to contract. And then I terminated too, and lowered everything in the woman. You represent, I never did it earlier! But the woman didn't cease to fuck, she continued to exhaustion. And then I drained in me until I terminated her in a mouth again. All of us were tired a little and coins ended. So we quickly were washed and put on. I told the father that I want to go to look someone it was. But he told that it is impossible.

— It is impossible?! Why?!

— He told that the woman made it only because remained the unknown. And we have to respect her decision. Otherwise similar doesn't happen any more.

— Well, in it there is the logic. Therefore you don't know someone it was?

— And what happened then?

— Anything special. We went home and waited for you and mother. You know the rest.

Only one moment haunted me. In women's shower there were eight or ten cabins. I.e. and in the men had to be as much. Nevertheless and Kolya, and I appeared in the only cabin with a hole. As though parents specially conducted us to shower cabins with a hole as if planned it in advance.

Stop, unless mother didn't go to that cabin the day before?

— How do you think, the father specially chose this cabin?

— I don't know, they it seems everything looked equally. And why you ask?

— Yes so, not very well.

In what do parents want to involve us?! If they want to fuck somebody in soul why not to go alone? Though... anything surprising:mother wanted
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to teach me to something. Coca already couldn't study. Many little girls wanted to fuck with him, and, probably, the brother refused not to much. The father has nothing too was to complain; mother was ready to fuck round the clock.

If to think... and where mother was at this particular time?

Unexpectedly the puzzle developed, all small pieces of a puzzle connected. Mother specially sent me to arrangement to remain one and to make everything that she will want. Or rather, with someone will want.

The mysterious woman about whom Kolya continued to tell was our own mother! In the same way as the stranger to whom I sucked away has to be, there was our father! They specially planned everything from the very beginning, and it worked!

I was surprised to how our parents played us. I was surprised even more when I understood the reason for which they made it. Parents wanted to have group sex. Only not with some strangers, and with us, their

— I know someone this woman was — I told.

— I doubt.

— I know.

— Aha... And someone?

— Did you see her pussy? She was shaved?

— I don't know how from above, but sponges were smooth, as at the little

— Then let me guess... She groaned so loudly what you were afraid that all will hear?

— Aha... like it.

I heard confusion in his

— And she was strongly knocked by a bum about a wall when you fucked?

— Yes. From where do you know all this? You too there were? Did you hear us?

— No, I left home when you were in soul. But tell me when you forced her to terminate, she skvirtanut?

— Yes, it is correct! From where do you know all this?. — he asked in perplexity.

I quietly grinned.

— Dear brother, you fucked own mother!

Kolya kept silent for about a minute.

— Devil — he murmured. — The voice really seemed to

He kept silent still for about a minute, trying to digest the

— From where do you know?

— They did the same with me, but slightly earlier.

Now there was my turn to tell what occurred when we were in soul with mother. I told Kola what she beautiful and as defiantly mother shaved the pussy before me. I told about reaction of mother when I found out a hole in a wall, and about what occurred further.

When I described the mother who is sucking away and fucking with the stranger, the bed over me started over again shivering. It would be dishonest to tell for my part Kola to stop. Since my own fingers were between legs too and while I told the story, softly caressed a small

I even told the brother that the dick sucked away to the guy and swallowed his cum. But I passed that part where we kissed mother in embraces of each other.

— And then I went one home.

— That is... that stranger was a father? — Kolya when I finished asked.

— I think yes.

— Well, at least, you didn't fuck.

— No, not this time.

— But you are going to make it?

Without going into details, I told Kola about the

— Even if you will know that it is the father? — he asked.

— Listen if
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did you have one more opportunity to have sex with that woman, you would refuse? Only it is honest?

— You are right. I the hell wouldn't refuse — the brother sighed. — Wal? — he called after a while.

— Yes.

— How do you think, they will organize similar once again?

— Probably.

— And that if it was not the father... I mean that if it was my turn? Would you fuck with me?

— Well also I put... I didn't think of it.

— Do you think, parents will allow me to fuck you?

— Can be.

— We will hope.

It was strange to hear that my brother wants to fuck me. I was ready to fuck absolutely the stranger. Now, when my father was the stranger, I and with it had no problems. My brother was larger than the father so it would be even more best to have sex with him.

— Yes, we will hope.

— But you don't want to make it right now? — I decided to ask the

I didn't know whether he jokes or is serious, but my pussy shouted:Yes, yes, yes!, while my brain shouted:No, no, no! Kind of it wasn't pleasant to me, but my brain won again.

— No, mother and the father can hear us. Everything is more best to keep in secret and not to spoil him

He didn't insist, and a bit later I, at last, fell asleep, dreaming of forbidden pleasure in sweet

Parents had no special plans next day therefore we with Kolya had a rare and desired opportunity to oversleep till the lunch. We have dinner and cleared the table. Mother told that she descended behind products this morning and prepared for me a gift in the bedroom. After these words, she the next time playfully winked at me.

Her behavior awakened in me curiosity. Therefore I quickly passed to the bedroom to look at a gift. On a large bed lay small black

— Didn't you think what I will forget? — I heard mother's voice behind the back/>

Actually I forgot about it.

— Give, try on — mother told and closed a

I felt that mother costs near me. She took a bottom of my t-shirt and removed her through the head. At the same time her hands slipped on my stomach. In it there was no need, it touched me because wanted it. And I allowed it. I quietly moaned when her hands slipped above, having clasped my breast in a

I turned back, my person was in several centimeters from her face. Sexual tension was almost notable. Instead of kissing me, mother undid my brassiere, and it fell to a floor. Without hesitation she undid my shorts, and lowered them together with

Now I was absolutely naked. Hands of mother lay on my buttocks, and her juicy lips were near mine. Her eyes flared lust. I came nearer and nestled lips on her lips. We kissed again as two mistresses, greedy and passionately.

We hardly came off from each other. Kiss
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We with mother went to bathe on the small river. Ashore three approached us enough daty the man, in swimming trunks, with beer bottles in hands. Zazhigalochki is absent - one of them took an interest, with interest examining my mother. On her the blue separate bathing suit was put on, mother loved very much it and always put on only it. It too very much was pleasant to me as badly I hid big mother's tits which stuck out from brassiere cups. And panties too very much were pleasant to me, small, very narrow thongs, constantly gathered in the center of a mother's bottom, and I could consider mother's buttocks when she sunbathed on a stomach. Here and the man it is visible too I estimated bathing suit advantages, to be exact I estimated the dignity of my mother. No, excuse - my mother answered, slightly rising on elbows. Her tits drooped and delayed wet fabric of a bathing suit. It is clear - the man stretched, still without moving and fixedly examining the formed depression in the ground between mother's boobs.
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Excellent stories, it is pleasant to jerk off :D
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history not from the
Every summer at the age of 10-15 years I went to the granny to the village. There at me I was корефан with which we from the childhood were on friendly terms. I as usual came into one hot summer behind it to go to bathe on the small river, we lived on one street. I came into a gate I shout him he runs out from the house and is silent to me so-tssss
I a pier че happened to him? Went speaks че I will show.

Prdvodit me to an okrshka of the summer kitchen, a vpolupriseda, looks there and speaks - look!.

I very quietly accurately raise the head, one eye I look in the received room through glass, I see as his mother on her from above his stepfather something lies to potter, but it turns out badly. I understand that they are going to copulate, but probably alcoholic intoxication badly affected forces of his stepfather and everything turned out ridiculously, nothing was impossible more precisely. Then to us was probably on 12.

so we saw minutes 3 all these actions, at the stepfather it turned out to insert and he already slowly swung hips, exhausting him to the mother. They were in clothes, nothing was visible, only understanding that there is an intercourse. For us still our one companion and we came not to get busted, quickly went from the yard. Then impressions made a little as affairs in the village always up to a throat it was quickly forgotten and we supernatural saw nothing. We already watched a porno, felt rural maids.

After some time, week can 2, a situation same I follow the friend, but this time without shouts I come into the yard, I climb steps on a porch, doors in the village always c of all are open hangs only тюдь from flies and other insects. I remove the first tulle in senka, I take couple of steps, I remove the second already to the house and I fade. The kitchen with the oven, directly the room with a sofa at the left, lies the friend's mother on a back a nape to a leg entrance to the parties the skirt lifted up, to lift up a brassiere a little to be seen hanging down in the right breast. Holds this breast with a hand my friend sucks the second or kisses not clear, and is accurate with everything without sound (a flop or a scratch of a sofa) but sharply drives into mother of the lad. I understand that he doesn't see me, тизонькр I am developed I leave in a shade and only there I take loudly a step and with I study at a
By itself he quickly got up, covered mother with a blanket and met me in kitchen. He tore up her sleeping, drunk.

I don't know why I also quickly forgot about it, and never about it talked to him. And only recently I about it remembered and I was wildly excited by this picture from
Probably many another interesting matters were valid. and now I think, there could be so many options, and probably I could participate, but that now that about it.
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Yes, you missed an opportunity to fuck the friend's mother though not the fact that he would allow you. Well you obviously missed an opportunity. You don't turn back it. I saw too as the friend fucks mother, left from the place of an event. The truth later time I talked to it about it. He honestly told everything. Discussed with him this subject more than once. In my opinion he was already a man, and at me with it was still far to real
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He honestly told everything.
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Interesting stories. It is pleasant to read.
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Interesting stories, it was pleasant to me
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I had a situation which I saw. I arrived to the aunt to me then was 17, she already was divorced and lived with the son, to him then there were 14. I went to the village and in transit came around, she something asked to help about the house there. Well generally I wake up at night to go to drink waters... I go on kitchen through the hall, I see to the bedroom of the brother the door is slightly opened and the night lamp burns, I think something can reads I will glance... I approach also the fact that I saw me drove in a stupor... my cousin and his mummy lies, my aunt to him sucks... I couldn't understand as it so... and then wildly I became excited well and the dick from pants got and began to jerk off... a couple of minutes of such picture and I understood that I will cum now... I went quietly to a toilet and there I terminated. I spent the night two more nights, well and in one of nights the situation repeated. Then I somehow with the brother brought up this subject... I came from it is far at first about sex then I brought it to an incest to a subject but he stupidly refused and said that it is opposite to him, generally didn't confess...
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Somehow I wake up at night from strange sounds and I see a picture as my uncle (the brother of my mother) behind embraces it and терётся, and she quietly moans, I pretended that I only just woke up and saw nothing and didn't hear I say to mother that to me the bad dream pristitsya and I laid down between them on quite narrow bed, the uncle was obviously dissatisfied, and him yet not laid down the warm dick rested on my head behind

by [size=85] [color=green] It is sent 8 minutes 30 seconds later: [/color] [/size]

[ref] kuzya [/ref] , Is a cheap plot from a typical porn with actresses like Cory Chaice
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nteresny stories. It is pleasant to read.
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A piece from the novel by Yury Zverev <


The door opened, and in a corridor the stream of sounds rushed. Andryusha writes the play set in
- That in five minutes it was ready! - blocking music, shouts
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I will tell so the best wag it at mother and that what began to smell.
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