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 Brother and sister.

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It is only the story but it or not someone knows is truthful?!

- Polinka, I answer, it is real cool! Only decide also all! Olya finished the schoolmate. They went Somme, and as lived nearby from each other, became the best friends about 2 years ago, at once as got to 5

- No, I won't do anything! The little fool, itself do!!!

- Pauline, it it is necessary just to decide, here you will see, everything will turn out. If it is impossible in any way, then itself somehow tempt him perhaps... WELL there, remove panties. Resemble naked before his

Polina went and thought over the story by the schoolmate Olya - her best friend. She found the elder brother behind masturbation, his lessons came to an end earlier, and she, having come home, saw as he selflessly jerks off, having closed eyes. She took him, of course, unawares. Well he also told Olya that it of course is worse, than will pass, but there is nothing to do because "balls need to be released". Olya was shocked, and didn't notice how she agreed to sucking away to him. She, naturally, wouldn't tell for anything if not one "but":for it he in the morning next day made by her the real Cunnilingus. Polina asked again, of course, and understood that it when the guy language brings her to an orgasm. According to Olya, it was just the eighth sky. So she never before jerked off!!! Or rather, with a shower and hands it isn't comparable

Having come home, Polina threw a backpack under a table, went to kitchen, heated to herself to have a bite. The brother approached, took an interest how are you, quickly drank waters, and went to the room. He always put on freely when he was at home - pants alone, and socks. Just now she began to pay attention that pants at it with buttons, and, if desired, it was possible to make out a dick which hides there.

I ate fields, and I returned to the hall. The brother sat on a sofa, having crossed legs, in a lotus pose, and it was visible how some part of the dick is looked through межд by buttons of gray pants. Also it became noticeable that the ball sack which skin was much more dark than everywhere, foully hanged down from a hip down, having filled up on it. The brother sat and stared in PlayStation, naturally, continually fidgeting. During the day the sister didn't take eyes from Vadim's pants - he was one year more senior than everything, studied in the 9th class. However on representation that at it in pants, without erection, it seemed that to him years 20, it isn't less.... Having understood that nothing in his trousers occurs and won't occur while he all in a game, it took a frank step. "I Will be solved. According to Olya's description, It is worth it."

Polina went to the room to herself, and opened a case. She looked at things which she has, and got up in thoughts. At first she took off pants, and a blouse, and remained in a brassiere. Having approached a mirror, I sent a brassiere at one stroke to a bed to a favourite bear too. Having twisted at a mirror, she ran a hand over the shaved pubis. She watched it, though the pubis rather began to become covered recently by hair. Then I took breasts in hand - they were not big, though began to grow about 3 years ago. Polina admired the bottom, tried to get up dog-fashion and to look from below as she looks. After again significantly I approached a case and I put on one undershirt. The plan ripened erotically - criminal. Походив so in the room, having remained in some socks and the undershirt which was hardly covering buttocks it left and defiled before the brother as though it is accidental, and left to itself. Having looked that reactions any, she made one more calling. On frequent viewings of a pornography she knew that the simplest - to dust and shake delights about Vadim. It has to distract him. She and made. I took a rag and I began to wipe

When she span at the TV, naturally the Brother paid attention that the cunt at Polinka shines as the moon in the sky at romantic night. The brother pressed a pause, and the sister Navela the surprised view of the brother. Vadim became puzzled, but right there thought.

What, wipe, and I will continue to play.

- Aha, I saw that the knob began to rise.

- What knob? - Vadik retired to the background, sat down, having closed pants elbows. I covered everything for reliability with the gamepad. - Did you finish? Isn't present?

- Oh come on, you have a strut! I think I don't know about it? - Polina herself reddened, but continued. - That there... ск... to hide. - Having narrowed eyes, she opened them and blurted out - I to you to bed curtains, lay down while there are no parents.

Vadim watched, without understanding what occurs.

- Well you, how idol? - Polina tried to tell it as mother to wail helped her with an idea a little. - Give, lay down as... costs!

The sister violently put Vadik on a sofa. And it is accurate, but surely I took him for a dick. From it the dick was poured with a new force, and Polina undid a small button <.br/>

- I know that blowjob best helps. To jerk off not really for this purpose. And balls need to be released... - she tried to take out through this hole also the massive, quite bulked up ball sack, but at her it didn't turn out. And she hastily took a dick in

- And - and - and - ah...

- What, painfully?? Sorry, I not... I didn't want, everything, izv....

- No! Continue! I from pleasure... - Vadim hardly whispered a phrase, took for hair a hand the head of the sister and directed back to the crimson slobbered head. Having understood that in pants not really кайфово, he also for hair delayed the sister, and the dick with champing took off from Polina's mouth. - Take off pants, inconveniently.

Polina pulled together pants, and the head hit her on a forehead. The droplet from the dick got on hair. - Here it isn't convenient at all, went to you to the

Polina again defiantly sighed and in an actor's way agreed.

Vadim didn't believe in what occurs. The native little sister will suck!! Itself offered... Moreover also I insisted.... He came to her into the room, and with a smile upon the face having unveiled from a bed, having dropped couple of soft toys on a floor, freely settled down semi-lying, spread in a familiar way legs, and a nod invited to a

Polina got, having flashed a cunt, and continued, under sensitive movements of a hand of the brother which directed process of a nasazhivaniye of a mouth of the sister on a dick, holding hair in a fist. Gradually amplitude became monotonous, and rather deep, under grunting of the sister and groans of

Polina as could, fought against an emetic reflex, and gradually got used. In a minute she began to low rhythmically, snuffling, trying to catch a nose though slightly air. Vadim Accelerated, began to breathe hard and quickly, and the dick to a ball sack in a poor mouth of the

Polina began to beat legs with palms because in a throat streams began to be thrown up terminate. Vadim so didn't cum long ago. As soon as he understood that in a throat of the sister everything poured out to a droplet, he took out a dick, and released the head. From a mouth the remains got on a floor. Fields recovered the breath. I looked at

- Easier?

- Hey yeah...

- Хм, interesting what. Praise without profit puts little in the pot. You can me... well... - Fields reddened - кунулунгис... Or how he there?

- Ah you are a little temptress!!! Did you make it for the sake of that I left alone???

- Yes...

- All right... - Vadim looked at the watch - before arrival of parents about an hour. Lay down.

Polina settled more conveniently. I removed everything that on her was, and I parted legs. Vadim with interest observed already damp cunt of the little sister. Having accurately touched from above, from below, he moved apart sponges,

- Ah... - Fields shuddered

- What?

- Shchekotno... - She smiled

Vadim shy licked the lubricant drop which is flowing down on a perineum, and slowly carried out to a clitoris. Fields shuddered, and I lowed.

- So?

- Yes, is stronger....

In a couple of minutes Vadim understood as it is pleasant to it, and began to accelerate language, gradually bypassing a clitoris clockwise, minds, pressing him. From it the clitoris became firm and red. Polina made upward movement to a uvula, being stuck itself, and received such high which she, really never received. Gradually squeezing nipples, Vadim rumpled her small breast. It only increased allocation from the sister's cunt... Having understood what now just about will terminate, she squeezed the head to the elder brother legs, and began to shiver rhythmically.

- Ma... ма... мамоч. cues!!!!! - She cried out, squeezing the brother's head in convulsions, and sharply released. She became soft, and still for about a minute continually shuddered. Vadim lying at the exuding cunt also I considered, I put touching sponges, a

- Well as?

- It is a high... it is just fire!!!!

They agreed that will repeat it in the morning, and quickly put on. When parents came, Vadim and Polina silently had tea as though nothing was.
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Such long stories can't be truthful. These are writers think out
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Cool history, I want to communicate on this subject
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It disk here? I just just зарегалс
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