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 Verses with an incest

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I am a parasite, a parasite a scourge,

Will strike you, will strike HIV

I am a parasite, a parasite

Will strike you, will strike

On veins the most hopeless
Leaving the system is impossible,

If you aren't a
Both there and here,

I even houses uninvited
Your mother doesn't swallow of a cum, observing a
I am disgusting to myself.

Also I vomit on a floor,

Having seen itself in front of the mirror.

On the parties any
Voices in ears,

Cut membranes,

Forcing hatred to breathe.

I took a step,

Behind a door paradise,

I received a
The Lucifer didn't accept me to hell and closed
On all planet I unnecessary anybody
I fuck your world through eyes in a brain
I as last exhalation of mother of your
The church for me is brothel, graves for the
Also there is no money still,

I am poor and hungry.

I will leave just as came,

Hung up on a
I am a parasite and I don't fit in this
I prefer onanism and
Dead faggots, alcohol, BDSM and
The world created me such and another not to become any more.

I hate this city,

But around everything is so beautiful,

What on - the truth at me gets up.

My way on the stage not for all,

As through a black
And че you drink, the freak?

Your place not micro, but
Loop on a neck, weakening,

Lifts up.

Bonuses for speed,

To wet pants and accept death,

And if it is only chance not to remain here.

I will throw out the stinker to the hall,

We together with her will sing.

Just like that you don't redeem it,

It is sent
I hide sense

As your drunk father face in
And on sheets there is more blood,

Than in your sister

At monthly

When she is fucked by the beloved brother,

This is the fuck-up, around a scam,

But not the earthly
Whisper in the head, "you get used

The guy, get used

Shit on everywhere,

It is not a mirage at all, know.

Fuck to you heart?

Pull out, fuck and throw."
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 Re:Verses with an incest

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More gently.
incest guest
 Re:Verses with an incest

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Very not badly :muza:
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 Re:Verses with an incest

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It wasn't pleasant to me. Esteem Barkov.
incest guest
 Re:Verses with an incest

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Not really. So-so poetry
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