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I come home, the door isn't locked. Mother in kitchen in some panties and a brassiere. I saw me, I ran to dress a dressing gown. I told.

- Mothers well you though close a door.

And she only giggled...
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Here it eruty stories continue tin I want more
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And stories from life or how?

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Cool stories all hi
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Stories are very interesting, super
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[ref] Som [/ref] , and continuation where?
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Return home

This story happened to me two years ago...

"It was magnificent" - I thought about myself, and I left a toilet after excellent blowjob from my girl Ania. We met Ania two years and we had all quite as at all couples:joint walks on the embankment, visits of cinema, regular sex, romantic appointments and all something like that; but at once all changed. We liked to be to Ania very often on various parties where there was a lot of same young and freaky as we, on such vpiska there was always a lot of binge and a heap of debauchery, but so we met - we watched one after another constantly and practically always were together not to allow any conflict situations. And here once again my best friend Danya called us on a similar party at him at the dacha what naturally we agreed to, but here suddenly I am called by my mother and asks that I for the weekend arrived to her as at her something happened and she needs my help, I tried to find out what occurred, but in reply only heard:

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– Come and you recognize all - I was taken aback a little and hung up. She never behaved so strange and if something I wanted, then always she spoke directly, and here, I heard nervousness and her heavy breath in a tube and I felt ill at ease a little, suddenly at her really something happened very serious. I made the decision to go to her therefore told Dana that I we with Ania this time "grazed". And here I hear from her the following:
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[quote= of Som post_id=5937 time=1657463704 user_id=1201]
We hardly came off from each other. Kiss
continuation will be? Very interestingly
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I experienced blowjob from mother. She was excellent. Mother told, rise. I raised her leg and began to fuck it, during that as I had it it said that now she washing that after this night I can fuck her when I will want,
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There are more stories to a nagolm to the people!
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hi. here - that dug. I will honestly tell not mine, tyreno from the ternet. I think the author will forgive.

Action happens in far – the far galaxy. On the planet terrestrial

Dick returned to the hometown which he left seven years ago. Behind there was a study and two years of work in the prestigious company. Where he from the ordinary clerk rose to the deputy chief of department. And here now he was recalled to branch of a company being in his hometown.

It was placed in small hotel near the station. The hotel was removed for him by firm. There was a thought to go home and to visit mother. But the twelve-hour road in the train exhausted it. Number was small, but cozy. Having thrown a traveling bag on a chair, it included the vizor hanging on a wall opposite to quite quite good bed. I got the laptop from a bag and I put it on a bed. Then I got replaceable clothes. Having quickly dumped from itself road, and having remained in one linen, I went in
Streams of the ionized water quickly took off road fatigue. Having played with water temperature hot, cold he felt quite vigorous. There was a wish to eat. Having wrapped in a wide hotel towel Dick passed in
- To go down in cafe or to have a bite here? – he thought.

- And all right I will be interrupted by the stocks. –

From a bag were born a case with sandwiches, a thermos with Kawa (an analog of terrestrial coffee) and small gram on thirty a small bottle of strong tincture. Dick didn't love alcohol, now it was necessary. Having overturned the burning liquid in a mouth he quickly has a snack on a thin slice of dry and rigid sausage. The stomach indignantly muttered on such indecency, and the mouth was filled with saliva. Sausage and light-salted fish sandwiches, something similar to a terrestrial trout went with a bang. All this was washed down by
Having tidied up after a meal Dick it is weakened I leaned back on a chair. It seems that he even got drunk a little.

- So in what to be engaged? It doesn't make sense to go to office. Time 19-00. And I drank. To watch a vizor too desires don't. To go on old friends? Too not option. To visit mother? No, I will go after work tomorrow. Surprise. -

Having remembered about mother rolled memoirs on Dick. At them I was though a small, but close-knit family. The father is the geologist who is eternally vanishing where that on boondocks of the planet. How many Dick from fourteen months of year remembered the father stayed where that three at home – four. Dick spent the rest of the time with mother. Mother … Smart woman. Yes woman literally. They with Dick had small secret about which I didn't know even the
Having thought of a secret Dick felt as in him desire increases. In the bottom of a stomach there was a weight, and the nature began to strain. Dick quickly put on and turned on the laptop. The device quietly buzzed and peeped entering into network. It was lit the
- And to hell! It is necessary to relax. And sex was long ago. Well can offer us network on this case?...-

Dick began to look through the websites. But … In total not that. Or it is far, or models weren't pleasant. He sighed and already wanted to switch-off the device as out of the corner of the eye at the very bottom of the screen I noticed the Your Secret logo. For anything he without hoping I clicked on a
- I welcome the Guest – the inscription lit up.

- Enter these models –

Out of boredom Dick filled out the required columns. On the screen some time loading turned, and then the device gave out:

- The partner is picked up. Your number 1434. -

The address was below specified. It wasn't far from his home. Dick shuddered. These figures concerned his secrets and the address …

- I will go, be that will be – Dick <.br / solved>
Having quickly gathered Dick called the taxi and went down. It was necessary to wait not long. Having got into the car Dick got poisoned at way. The city lived life. Slowly twilight fell. Fires of advertizing flashed, in houses windows shone. Here outside the window the park where they walked with parents flew. The father rolled it on shoulders. They ate an ice cream, fed birds. The father told amusing stories. Mother cheerfully laughed. There is farther in the park on a footpath there is a big wheel. From him it is visible a half of the city. Dick liked to be on this wheel to mother. There is his school. Shkolny Square already lost a part of foliage. There in the square there is one secret footpath … Here little shop where they bought any goodies. Slightly farther movie theater, and round the corner shopping center. Farther the area with the city administration. And through couple of streets his home.

The house was not too big. So two floors, a garage and a small ground where they held picnics. In the house there was a kitchen, the small hall, the bedroom of parents, a dignity knot and the technical room. All this on the first floor. On the second two rooms. One of them was wild. The second was empty. But the most important it was their house. The father bought it having returned from distant flight. It then wasn't nearly a year. The truth it also spent almost all the savings.

Now passable by the house Dick noticed that windows dark.

- Well it is clear, the father in a business trip. And mother? To girlfriends went? It is good that at once I didn't go home. -

From his house to the specified address fifteen went even minutes – twenty. The taxi stopped near the house enclosed with a high fence. On a fence tracking cameras were visible.

Dick paid off and went out of the car. I approached gate. A row on a wall it was visible a
- Strange, and seven years ago there was a waste ground. Managed to construct. The city changes. -

Dick pressed a communicator key:- Your code?

- 1434-Dick <.br / answered>
The gate in gate opened and Dick passed on the territory. From gate to the house the path which is laid out by a tile conducted. The house wasn't something refined. Usual gray three-storyed box. Windows in the house were densely curtained. Having approached to the door Dick repeated the procedure of the code. Zazhuzhali motors and a door opened. Dick passed along a curved corridor and it appeared in the hall. Yes what outside not always corresponds to that inside. The soft muffled light. A reception rack at a distant wall. On the right and at the left ladders wide leaders upward. A floor is covered with something soft and muffling steps. Along walls soft sofas. In the middle of the hall of steam of tables and easy chairs near them. On the left wall there are no sofas. There, something like bar. Behind a rack as usual the bartender wipes glasses.

- You pass, the young man. - the pleasant baritone was distributed because of a reception rack. And the man of years 35 smiled to
- Ээээ … Aaaa-

- Expected to see here madam, the young man? -

Dick coped with himself:- Frankly speaking - yes. <-br/>
- We depart from outdated traditions. Ensuring work of an institution lies on men. Yes be not frightened you so. We nevertheless have girls. –

And the employee on kind burst out laughing.

- For the first time at us? I am Harald, and in bar Ragnar. And how to call you? However it isn't important if you want you can not be represented. -

- In it there is no secret. I am Dick. -

- Very well, It is wild. Call your number and wait. Your partner will go down to you. And one request later leave a comment in our magazine about quality of service. -

Dick called number, paid off and went to bar. I accommodated on a high bar
- Be so kind as double Kawa. - he addressed the
Ragnar left a glass and was accepted potters with a kavovarka. In a few minutes fragrant drink was ready. Dick tasted Kawa from a small thin cup. Daaa … This is not what give to street snack bar. And in their firm … Only for the sake of this drink it was worth coming here.

- Can cognac? - I inquired
Dick negatively pomotat the head. At this moment on a ladder steps were heard. The attractive woman went to Dick. It was the high long-haired blonde, about 35-40 years. On her there was a short blue dressing gown on a belt. Under him nothing was obvious. The dressing gown didn't hide a figure, and only emphasized it doing sexual. The large high breast almost didn't disappear under it. The dressing gown bottom hardly hid even by sight elastic buttocks. And cuts on each side at each step bared long, slender legs. Having seen her Dick hardly restrained not to cry, to give itself.

- To cognac.-it exhaled.

The wine glass fell by a rack and Dick drank off fragrant drink, without feeling taste. Cognac flew by as water. The woman approached and stopped as if having stumbled. She turned pale, in her widely open blue eyes there were a horror, shame, misunderstanding and still, something that Dick couldn't understand. She tried to close a breast a dressing gown that didn't take cover from the bartender. But it turned out even worse. Covering a breast the dressing gown dispersed from below and for a moment dug out a triangle cut slightly more darkly than on the head of hair through which the narrow shchelochka of intimate looked through. She released a dressing gown and covered with a hand a pubis. But right there I took away a hand. The bartender quietly coughed. The woman looked down and is quietly squeezed exhaled:

- Tyya …? -

- I … - also quietly exhaled Dick and licked the become instantly dry lips. As if he ran a long cross-country. She having specularly licked the chubby lips which are made up by bright red lipstick, I addressed the bartender:

- Standardly to me. Only cognac a bottle … -

The bartender interrogatively looked at her.

- At my expense. – she told.

Dick with the woman went to a ladder and rose by the second floor. On the second floor there was a wide corridor divided on the middle by the wide hall. On walls lamps brightly burned. Reproductions of old masters – Titian, Rembrant, Goya were hanging. In the hall there was a table and chairs. On walls sofas. Over one the reproduction Bared the Move, over another Venus and Amur hung. In a corner Aphrodite's sculpture. In other corner in a graceful tub a plant similar to a terrestrial ficus and a lemon at the same time. At the window which surprisingly isn't curtained flowers which in this region blossom all the year round. Here everything was impregnated with a
But Dick was intense and didn't pay attention to an interior. And at the same time going slightly behind the woman I couldn't look away from her buttocks and slender legs. The woman stopped near a door, the second from the hall, on the right. I opened her and I stood aside, passing Dick in number. Dick entered. Small hall, on the right dignity. Knot, at the left the Case for clothes. A wide bed in the center. To the right of a bed a bedside table with a desk lamp. At the left there is a small table. Two carved chairs. On a wall opposite to a bed the vizor screen, under him one more curbstone is more, on her the audio system. Curtains at a wide window with an exit to a balcony are moved widely apart. Twilight outside the window turned at
Dick approached a window, in the sky the double moon slowly inflamed, stars and where that on the edge of visible space Sirius faintly flickered brightly burned.

- And where that there, in depth, Earth. The foremother of mankind … - Dick thought. At the word foremother - mother – mother again заныло in the bottom of a stomach. Dick struggled with himself. There behind the smart woman, and he thinks of something … How to him to be in this situation? Or to spit everything and … And whether it will turn out? Again that road fatigue rolled … Apathy came and Dick understood that in vain he came here. No, what wouldn't be near the beauty he can do nothing. It isn't a pity for the spent money, they acquirable, will come. And here and now … It was necessary to spend the night in hotel, and in the morning for work … Here incurred the fool …

Behind the door knocked and the woman passed in number. With legs I got on a bed and I pulled a blanket trying to cover a breast. Dick turned to her. Their views met, they looked at each other, kind of learning anew. So several minutes lasted. Then the knock at a
- Open. – she told and pulled a blanket to a chin. What in this institution looked not really. Dick went to open a door. The porter with the cart on which was on the threshold there was a bottle of cognac and snack covered with a brilliant cap. The porter went into the cart in number. Dick got the note in two credits and stretched to the porter. That slightly I will nod and I left number. Dick uncorked a bottle, poured a half of a wine glass and drank off. Then I turned to the
- Well, hi Ma … -

- Marine, - the woman killed him. – I am Marina, in the order the name was entered. -

- Yes, yes … Marine … I frankly speaking didn't pay attention. Thoughts were about another. -

- I know about what there were thoughts. - The marine smiled. Though it was visible that the smile troubled it.

Dick poured to himself still a half-glass. The marine told:

- Pour also to me. We will drink for a meeting. -

Dick poured a half-glass Marin. They cramped hands in a greeting and drank. Cognac didn't take Dick absolutely. He thought kind of to him to get out of current situation. It is simple to leave? And what will be with her? To her won't reckon the client …

- How many didn't we see each other, Is wild? –

From thoughts he was distracted by Marina's voice. – Years eight? -

- Seven. – mechanically Dick answered. The marine itself poured him and they drank again. Then it got a pack of cigarettes from a bedside table and began to smoke a long and thin brown cigarette. Automatically the extract joined. Pouring Marin's drink I rejected a blanket, the dressing gown on it dispersed opening the review her body. She leaned back on a bed back. Cognac began to work. Her eyes began to shine, the look was left by fear and depression. Dick sat down on a
- In general that, I drink with clients. And almost I don't smoke. But today it is possible. Not every day you meet in such conditions of the with … The generally. - I told a
- The someone? With.? Sukaaa! -

- Quietly. – The marine pressed a finger to Bays Dika. – Becomes hot, you don't mind if I remove a dressing gown? –

And without waiting for Marin's answer I untied a belt and I rejected a dressing gown aside. Then I let hair down, they were scattered on her body. Tips of her fair almost white hair almost hid her large, dark pink nipples. But even through this cover it was visible that nipples are strained. It seemed, touch them and they will explode. And large roundish boobies of Marina it seemed were poured by some force. Now her breasts reminded the juicy large apples filled with juice. Such Antonovka apples when that grew on far Earth. But here as scientists didn't fight they for some reason didn't want to be born. Dick looking at Marina's breast I felt that cognac nevertheless made the business, released him. He as bewitched looked at these wonderful apples. They attracted to themselves …

- Well and how I to you? Strongly changed in seven years? -

Marina's voice broke through as vatu. Dick didn't look away from a breast ма … Marines. And she seeing his state I threw hair from a breast and it was curved having got hands for a back that her apples became still relyefny.

- You … You … You became even more beautiful - Dick told and having taken a bottle of water from the cart made several
- And so? - and Marina parted widely in the parties the slender legs. Dick looked at intimate Marina. Here the clean-shaven accurate sponges hiding a secret between them lubricant gleamed drops. The marine was horney and ready to accept him, even without caress. And what he? Dick looked at Marina's secret and understood that here something is not right. And as a lightning in a brain. Pubis! He remembered other pubis:clean-shaven and attracting. When only the thought of him excited so that demented. Then seven years ago. Dick threw with a blanket Marina's stomach. She with astonishment looked at him.

- What not so, It is wild? -

- You know … – he answered.

- Ah yes. I remember. But sorry, I didn't know that we will meet. Otherwise I would be prepared. - I answered a
- Nothing means. Seven years ago nobody cancelled that arrangement. – chilly Dick <.br / answered>
- I remember him. Also it agrees to fulfill. But you are guilty. You forgot about him. Where control from your party over m … Милфой?! Go to me I will try to be pleasant to you. -

The marine approached Dick and kissed him a long passionate kiss of the woman who yearned on the lover. She nestled on him the elastic boobies and Dick understood that he isn't able to resist. He answered a kiss and began to caress to Marin, kissing and caressing her body. She often began to breathe and leaned back on a bed, entraining Dick. He laid down on her. I kissed her lips, cheeks, a neck. Tension tormenting him left. He wanted to own this woman. Dick fell below, began to kiss Marina's boobies. I clasped with lips, the nipple of the right breast began to suck him. He squeezed the left breast a hand. All are stronger and stronger. With the gushed feelings and a floor of annual abstention it strongly bit Marina's nipple, and squeezed the left breast so as if wanted to squeeze out from this apple juice. The woman under him screamed and was curved by an arch. But I didn't dump him from myself, and I pressed to myself stronger. On her body I ran a shiver and it having moaned I fell to a bed. Dick came off Marina and observed how her body shivers. Her eyes were closed, from lips groans broke. Dick even slightly was frightened in the beginning, but here Marina opened eyes and smiled.

When Dick began to caress her breasts Marina felt that where that there in the depth of her body is turned and the sphere pulses. Hundreds of small needles ran on her body. The sphere at first was cold, but with each kiss of Dick he became hot. He slowly swept on a body and stopped in the bottom of a stomach. When Dick bit a nipple and squeezed a breast the sphere blew up and in the head the rainbow appeared. The marine screamed and pressed to itself Dick. It didn't want to release him, wanted continuation. And then darkness and weakness. And feeling that she devastated a bladder. Having opened eyes Marina saw the scared face of Dick <.br/>
- Here I didn't think that I will terminate as the girl from the fact that to me caress a breast. And it thus that I am a prostitute. - by a weak voice Marina told. – And probably I even peed the pants. -

Dick seeing that the woman recovered asked:- What is caressed? -

- Oh forgive, the road … I forgot … Boobs, milkings, udder … As it is pleasant to you more. - silent and I spoke a
- Here that the same. And yes you didn't pee the pants, skvirtanut … - Dick told.

- To be stunned. It with me wasn't long ago. - crafty she told. She smiled and tumbled down Dick on a back. Itself got from above and sent a firm core of Dick to herself. Dick entered her easily, Marina's Vagina was damp and hot. The marine began to move, at first slowly, and then quicker and quicker. Dick rose and pressed it to himself, feeling her elastic, firm breasts. They rubbed about his body, and he understood that he will make with this
- I want you behind. – he told in an ear Marin. She let out him and got up on all fours <.br/>
- No. Not so. I will take you standing. – Dick told. The marine got up near a bed and Dick entered her bosom behind. His intense core aimed to slip out the moist and excited mistress's vagina. But Dick knew what to do. He strongly squeezed the right breast of the woman and pulled forward. And at the same time I punched a cut pubis. The marine cried and moved. Dick squeezed a pubis of the woman and holding by a breast pressed to himself.

- Suffer and shout, the whore! It would be shaved would be on another. -

The marine panted, and Dick squeezed a pubis and a breast in the hands more and stronger. Began to shake a marine, legs gave away. But the lover didn't allow her to fall. Here he struck her a pubis and still again. On the third blow from pain her vagina clenched densely having captured Dick's stalk. Dick squeezed the left breast of the woman and began to move rhythmically in her. At advance he pulled boobies in the parties, at the movement back up. A marine without constraining itself I shouted, tears paths flowed from eyes. The make-up was smeared. In the bottom of a stomach the pain lump moved. It didn't understand how many it will last and whether she will sustain. Yes with her there was similar, but long ago. Then her young lover entered it for the rule. But then his core was less and force in hands too. Then it even got it. It even cumed from it. But now … It seemed that Dick decided to tear off her boobies. Or at least to crush …

- Will you have a shave, the whore? - where that Dick <.br voice / was in the distance heard>
- The Daaaa … -

- More loudly, whore! Tell it loudly! -

- Yes!! Yes!! I will have a shave!!! I will be always smooth for a tebyaaaa!!! Aaaa!!! -

As not strange the lump of pain grew cold with these words, and then began to inflame releasing already familiar needles. And already in the bottom of a stomach not pain, but a fiery sphere ready to blow up from a final shot. Here still slightly …

- Aaaaa!!! Yes! Yes! I will Have a shave!! – Marina shouted. – I will be your shaven пи … -

The sharp and strong blow to a pubis interrupted her shouts. The sphere from a bottom of a stomach jumped in the head and became torn on hundreds of iridescent splinters. The body lost weight and departed along a bright corridor. Marina regained consciousness lying on a bed, it seemed from a body took out all bones and she flexible as a jellyfish. She even didn't understand any time where is. It with her wasn't long seven years. No, she had sex and even derived from it pleasure. But so. Pain wasn't. Only pleasant. No, PLEASANT languor. Having opened eyes through an easy veil she saw Dick <.br/>
- Here, whore. Again I terminated before me. - Dick <.br / told>
Warm a stream I hit Tugay with it in a face, I began to flow on the relaxed breast, on nipples, a stomach. The marine shuddered, and having quietly moaned was again disconnected.

Marina as woke up from a push. Outside the window it was still dark, but the moon was already going to leave a firmament, stars burned not so brightly. Nearby Dick to something special slept smiling in a dream. Here he turned on a stomach quietly whispered:- Mother - also I made several movements very similar to frictions. But I stopped and turned sideways. The marine looked at him, Dick woke up from this look and looked at the Marine. The woman to a floor was covered with a blanket. In a moonlight accurately looked through her body. Boldly and invitingly her large breast grew white. The stomach and one leg are hidden by light fabric. Other leg is naked and extended.

- How many now time? - Dick asked. He put a hand on the right breast of Marina and began to squeeze her. Apple in his palm began to harden, be poured by juice. It squeezed stronger and pulled on itself(himself). The woman quietly moaned and stretched to it.

- Five o'clock in the morning, darling - through groan I told a
- We still have time –

- Yes, time is … And you firm … - Are wild smiled and stronger squeezed the woman's breast – you Will cry? –

The compressed breast pain accrued, became burning. The marine understood that it can't suffer more and loudly and thinly cried. Dick pushed away it, looked in a woman's face. Two paths of tears ran on her face. The young man smiled enough and again dozed off.

In two hours Marina woke the
- I will come in the evening? –

- Yes. Come, I will wait for you – answered a
Dick quickly took a shower, put on and went down to the hall. I wrote the visitor's book. Harald called to him the taxi. Dick went to hotel. Today there will be a difficult day and difficult, but probably remarkable evening ….

Dick left. The marine sat some time for beds, then went to a shower. It didn't begin to take a shower. She wanted that Dick's traces remained on her. She only washed and guided not striking make-up. I collected long hair in a tail. I pinned up them a hairpin. I passed to the room. Her working day in this institution came to an end.

The marine approached a case, began to put on. I put on panties – shorts with a flower print, a white bra with wide straps and narrow shoulder-straps. The bra densely captured a breast having slightly raised it and having hidden apples in the cups. Then she put on black trousers which emphasized her slender legs and a white shirt. On legs light comfortable shoes on a low sole. I put on a light short jacket and having taken a handbag I went down to the
In the hall at a rack of bar Ragnar missed. The marine approached him.

- The beauty – the bartender smiled to her. – How did night pass? –

- As usual – the woman answered, but on her face the flush appeared. – How many from me? –

- Five hundred credits. -

The marine got a purse from a handbag, took the note and transferred her to the bartender. The note disappeared in a box of cash desk. Ragnar looked at the woman and asked:

- Mari, it not my business, but what it was in the evening? Having seen the client, you were pale as death. Also I behaved strange … -

- Раг the matter is that it I was … Son … My friend. I know him from the childhood and not as didn't expect to see him here. -

- Yes, Mari. Time passes. Children mature … My blockhead came to Academy, and now sends natives in three parsecs from here. –

The marine approached a reception. Harald gave it a card for a mark. The marine appended the signature and with surprise found seven penal points. She lifted up the surprised eyes on Harold. He smiled.

- You at us today the record-holder, Mari. To so receive a penalty it is necessary to try very much.

- For what there is so much? I turn out, for nothing worked … -

- Mari, there's nothing to be done. You know – desire of the client the law. So we will look … -

Harald Saschtscholkal the keyboard, looked at the
- So:two points from us. It was closed before the client. And here five from the client. What he writes … Here:hairiness of a pubis given бл... also beats off any desire to fuck it. Full displeasure. Take measures. –

- There is a reptile! – I exhaled Marin. – Not only that he had me all night long, so also is dissatisfied. -

- What to do such work at you – Harald smiled. – To call the taxi? -

- Yes – the Marine was angry. Breast pain and a bottom of a stomach has sharply an effect. This bastard Dick not only that broke it so also suited troubles on
The taxi on morning time was late. The marine got a job in bar with Kawa's cup. Pain accrued, eyes were filled with tears. It promakivat eyes a napkin what not to spoil a make-up. There was a wish to cry terribly. And here having taken the next sip, she hid the face in hands and burst out crying. Pain and offense at Dick pressed on her.

- To you it is bad, Mari? – Ragnar it is sympathizing I looked at the woman.

The marine took away hands from the face. Ink nevertheless began to flow and two blackish strips were obviously allocated on her beautiful
- Everything is normal, Rag. Well, where this damned taxi? –

Marina's communicator peeped. – Well at last arrived. –

But number was the unknown. Having opened the message she read:

- To crush your apples? –

The marine in anger beat off the response message:- You went to hell, the damned bastard!! – also I threw a communicator on a rack. But he peeped again, the woman the shivering hands opened the message:

- The taxi on the place. You leave. –

Having hardly risen as a duck rolling over, she went to a
Having entered Marin's house I passed to the room, completely I undressed and naked I passed on kitchen. I got a first-aid kit from a locker, I found anesthetic. I got a package of juice from the refrigerator I poured in a high thin glass. I took a pill having washed down it with juice. I sat down on a chair near a table having leaned back on a back. I examined myself. On boobies traces of hands of Dick reddened, on the right nipple traces of his teeth were noticeable. Having lowered a look below, having looked at the distressful pubis, Marina saw the poured blue. She knew that pain will hold her couple of days. And a day more three will descend bruises and she should use a tonalka. It is good that the husband in a business trip, isn't necessary to him what to explain. Having deeply sighed, it went to the bathroom. Marina took a shower long washing away from herself fatigue, pain and offense. The tablet began to work.

Having once again examined itself Marina thought:

- And the hell with him. Let at work there will be problems, but I will make as promised Dick. –

She stretched with these thoughts to a locker, got small scissors from there and began to shear hair on a pubis. Then having applied gel I took the razor and I removed the remains of hair. Her treasure was shaved now and is opened to all
- To the use it is ready, the shaven whore. – I grinned a
Having finally rinsed, she was wrapped in a wide fluffy towel, went to the bedroom. Body pain became stupid, aching, but tolerant. The marine got a communicator from a handbag, got on a bed. In a communicator I found familiar number and I beat off the message:

- I made everything. -

Having curled up, she fell asleep. The communicator peeped accepting the message, but Marina didn't hear him. She slept …

Dick from Marina went to hotel. I changed clothes, I put a laptop in a bag and I went to office of firm. On the way to the taxi I gathered and I sent the message. The answer came quickly. Dick read it and burst out laughing. The driver – elderly magribets looked at him and too smiled.

- Everything is excellent, the father. She agrees. –

- I am glad for you – the driver answered. The road ran behind an ordinary talk about that, about seven. It was necessary to go long. The office of firm was located almost at city boundaries. Having come into office Dick was presented to a management and twirled. To celebrate a business trip, to check reports, to make contracts and a heap of other work. The communicator peeped. Dick read the message and sent the:- Thanks. I love you. -

After the working day already in twilight, Dick came into shopping center. I bought a bottle of light almost nonalcoholic wine, a box of favourite mother's candies and a big bouquet of its favourite flowers. Then I thought and I solved:

- And I to mother will make a surprise – and having smiled to the thoughts left shopping center. It remembered that small little shop, few times they happened to mother there. She left him a little confused with purchases. And It is wild frankly then I had fun. In little shop he long chose a gift. And at the end I received the treasured box wrapped in dense paper.

- And now home – and Dick slowly went the familiar road to the

The marine woke up when twilight was outside the window condensed. Having included a lamp on a bedside table near a bed, it began to put on. I dressed - a light t-shirt with a funny little mouse on boobies and a wide skirt to a knee with a bright tropical pattern. I decided not to put on linen. Slight pain still affected, and it solved doesn't potter with a bra. I took a communicator and I went to kitchen. Here it saw the entering message. Having read it, Marina smiled. Also I was engaged in preparation of a dinner. Time behind efforts flew by not considerably. Outside the window there was a darkness, in the sky stars shone. The entrance door slapped. The marine left to the hall. There was Dick with a huge bouquet of her favourite
- Well, here and hi, mother. I arrived … -
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Horror what. Mother in brothel. Till how many years to heroes?
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The woman judging by the text of years 40. To the guy 20-25. Someone knows in a skok they graduate from school.
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We are silent family. We live four together:the grandmother Valya, mother Marina, the mother's sister Sveta and I am their only man Sasha. Why I am their only man? Because the first grandfather Sasha in honor of whom I was called died in Avhan, the second grandfather Vanya — in Chechnya and the father Kolya together with him, he served under his command. Mother even didn't manage to marry him. The matter is that the grandfather Sasha was registered as the missing person and the grandmother of years five waited for him. And then the notice came that at some there cleaning it was found in captivity, but during fight it was mortally wounded when covered withdrawal of the companions. For the second time she married the grandfather Vanya who served together with the grandfather Sasha, but was brought out of Avhan earlier and yet the death notification in every possible way didn't come I helped the grandmother and mother. After the notice the grandmother kept some more years loneliness, but life goes on and she married the grandfather Vanya. Then my aunt Sveta was born. So my mother and her sister kind of not absolutely native. They even externally absolutely different. Mother — dark and low growth, only from a face more similar to the grandfather Sasha, and Sveta — light, almost white as the grandmother, but above an average and from a face is similar to the grandfather Vanya. Generally my grandmother pleased both husbands. The grandfather Vanya had an assistant and he fell in love with my mother. Some time they met and already planned the wedding day as mother flew (but I didn't tell him) and forced events. But they were alarmed more neither the grandfather, nor my father live didn't see. There were zinc coffins, a solemn funeral with a salute from automatic machines and military honors. Ever since my women remained old maids if it is so possible to be expressed. All their love was given me! I wasn't born yet, and I was already shrouded in care and attention. Mother gave birth to me for the twentieth anniversary! In due time the grandmother gave birth to her when her was 19, and to the grandfather was executed 22 and he only received officer shoulder straps. So mother and the grandmother — a skorospelka. I learned all this from them when for dates, significant for family, we at first noted them at a table, and then sat at a fireplace and the grandmother already again remembered aloud the life. The most interesting that it didn't bother. It was so lovely …
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Fingers clenched clasping a wag. Up-down, up-down. I went bananas from mother's movements. Mother unclenched a hand and villages to me on a groin. To me it wasn't heavy, and can just like that it seemed. I felt hairs of a mother's pubis. She began to move on my wag. No, I didn't enter mother. She just rubbed about a wag. And then she laid down on a stomach, having shifted legs together. "Lay down to me on a back. Aha, here so. Put the wag to me on a bottom. Yes, what it would slide between rolls. Well don't stand, move!" - she ordered. I laid down to mother on a back as she also told. The wag comfortably was arranged between buttocks. And I moved. Truth not long. My wag splashed out liquid, having presented me with pleasure. I soiled a mother's bottom and the groin allocations. It was a little more rubbed and got up from mother. "So well?" - she asked. Instead of words I kissed her bottom. Having washed we went to one bed again. Mother and I...."
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interesting stories, it is a pity that the majority is invented
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